We’ve Been Closing Ziplock Bags Wrong Our Entire Lives

Editor's Note: This post was originally published January 12, 2016. Sometimes, the internet's viral lifehacks just don't apply to our daily lives. Sure, it's cool that you can wash 100 potatoes all at once in the dishwasher, but that doesn't really make our daily grind any easier. Thanks to Slate, we just learned a new kitchen tip that we will actually use immediately. Basically, we have been closing Ziplock bags incorrectly since our elementary school days. We all know to try and get some of the air out — otherwise we're stuck with a huge space-filling air bubble — but there's an even better way to ensure that your plastic baggie takes up as little room as possible in the fridge or in your lunch. And you don't need any special tools, either. All you have to do is close most of the zip. Then, open a small hole and use your mouth to suck out any residual air. Raise your hand if you just had a major aha moment! We know we did! Check out Slate's video for the full tutorial.

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