What The Creators Of Stranger Things Had To Say About The Season 2 Monster Has Us Shook

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
This post contains spoilers for season one of "Stranger Things".
We're one month away from the highly-anticipated season 2 of Netflix's Stranger Things, and so many questions remain unanswered. Even after Will Byer's (Noah Schnapp) return from the Upside Down, he still isn't quite himself. The Demogorgon that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) faced off against could be back.
Even with all of these questions, the Stranger Things creators — brothers Matt and Ross Duffer — have noted some interesting things to keep an eye on with season 2.
In an interview with The Wrap, the Duffer brothers revealed more details coming for the next season. They referenced the visual of the monster in the clouds, as shown in the season 2 trailer released at San Diego Comic Con, as "...part of much larger threats."
But unlike the first season, we'll actually get to see the characters go about their normal lives before things escalate again. Ross Duffer said, "The nice thing is we don’t have a kid disappearing in the first 10 minutes, so everybody’s not always turned up to 11 trying to save their friends. It allows us to experience these characters more in their normal life for a bit, and have some fun with them. But then once things go wrong, we really escalate the stakes quickly, and it gets pretty crazy toward the end."
There's also a lot of influence from films that inspired the creation of the series — work by Steven King, even films like Alien and Terminator 2 — that will also play a role in how the new season will play out.
"It’s building off a lot of the ideas we established in season 1, but it’s introducing new threats, new stakes and the idea is to resolve that more or less by the end of the season," Matt Duffer said.
Stranger Things 2 premieres on Netflix on Oct. 27.
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