Rachel & Bryan Respond To All The Social Media Flack They Deal With Daily

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Rachel Lindsay, former Bachelorette and pro-level Twitter clapback-er, is engaged to Bryan Abasolo, and we are here to inform you that they're doing quite well. The two appeared on Dean Unglert's podcast Help! I Suck at Dating with Dean Unglert, where they addressed how their relationship has progressed in the months since the finale of The Bachelorette. Unglert pointed out that the couple receives a lot of negative attention on social media because Abasolo wasn't a fan favorite.
"You two have taken a lot of flack on social media," Unglert said. "Do you guys mind sharing a little bit about how that affects your relationship?"
"It was difficult, in the beginning," Lindsay, 32, admitted. "I'm, believe it or not, very private normally with my relationships, so to be so public and honest about the relationship, and be attacked on social media, [and] sometimes in the media, it was really hard."
Peter Kraus, a steely-eyed personal trainer from Wisconsin, was the frontrunner for Lindsay's affection on The Bachelorette. Fans desperately wanted Kraus to win, Kraus claimed he actually received death threats after he refused to tell Lindsay he loved her during his hometown date. During the finale, Lindsay sent Kraus home, weeping all the while. Fans then insisted that Lindsay was "settling" for Abasolo. Even Kraus himself coldly told her to enjoy her "mediocre life" with Abasolo, a chiropractor from Miami. Even Wendy Williams couldn't believe Lindsay chose Abasolo.
So, the couple had very vocal fans deriding their relationship as "second-best." Despite this, they're doing just fine.
Explained Lindsay, "But I think, for us, how we got through it, was just being honest with how it affected us... For us, it was like, 'If we can get through this, then we can get through anything.' Because it was a lot."
Abasolo added, "It's a tribute to our maturity level and just us knowing each other so well." He also said that social media hate is inevitable, so he tries his best to ignore Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest.
"I think the social media thing, as you've learned Dean, I'm sure, not everybody is going to like you 100 percent of the time," he said. "So, I think one of the best strategies is try to stay off social media."
All's well that ends well. Abasolo has officially moved to Dallas — he rented out his condo in Miami — and the couple is contemplating a move to Los Angeles. (Abasolo is getting his license to practice in Dallas and might get one in California as well.)
Meanwhile, Dean Unglert is trying to redeem himself after his fall from grace on Bachelor in Paradise. Lindsay and Abasolo appeared on the podcast to give dating advice to Unglert
Abasolo, always an even-tempered fellow, called Unglert's actions on BiP, "valid attempt at being honest," and encouraged him to be more "blunt" in the future. Someday, Unglert could have a Bachelor Nation relationship of his own, replete with social media haters and Dunkin Donuts sponcon.
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