Busy Philipps Just Spent 20 Minutes Applying Fake Freckles

Growing up with freckles was not easy. In elementary school, I was ridiculed by my peers for having “dots” on my face. And even when I thought people had grown past it, a few boys on my high school hockey team nicknamed me “freckles.” It took me a long time to learn to appreciate my hyper-pigmentation and love it enough to not cover it up on a daily basis. So, let me tell you — I was not prepared for fake freckles to emerge as a huge makeup trend this year.
Interestingly, the trend is still going strong. Just last night, Dawson’s Creek actress (and best friend/impromptu hair colorist to Michelle Williams) Busy Philipps took to Instagram to share a face-full of faux freckles.
“No big deal, just spent 20 minutes painting fake freckles on my face,” she wrote in the caption. “But then my kids hated it so I had to wash them off but I was pretty into it.” Judging by the 24,000 likes, it’s safe to assume that Philipps' fans love the look a lot more than her kids.
“Nope. Leave em, chase your kids down and get some freckles on them too,” one user commented. Another wrote, “As a girl with freckles (and now they are acceptable): DO NOT WASH THEM OFF.” That user couldn’t be more right.
It wasn’t until earlier this morning that I realized the power of this trend. In the early '00s, I worshiped the characters on shows like Dawson’s Creek, 7th Heaven, and Laguna Beach. And now, instead of me wanting to look like them, Audrey Liddell wants to look like me. For any of my freckled friends out there, you can understand just how empowering that is.
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