The Weirdest — But Real — Ingredients Lurking In Your Beauty Products

There are plenty of rabbit holes to fall down on the internet, but our favorite (after unsolved murder mysteries) involves weird-ass beauty products. And like Hollywood scandals, they're hiding everywhere — all you have to know is where to look.
Before you go hunting for them in your local Sephora, know that the most bizarre encounters happen in the depths of Google searches. Our path into Wonderland? Stranger than you might think:
After a bakery in Massachusetts got in trouble for listing 'love' on the ingredient list (the FDA ruled that ingredients must be listed by their "common or usual name"), we figured this couldn't possibly be the most impractical thing listed on the back of a label, so we dug deeper.
First, we found one essential-oil based perfume with witchy branding that claims actual magic can be found in the sweet scent's blend. Then, we came across a rosewater toner that uses vor-mag to supposedly to raise the energy to a higher vibration. But that's just the tip of the head-scratching ingredient iceberg, as you'll see in the slides ahead.

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