Peter Gives Dean Dating Advice & I’d Love To See Rachel Lindsay’s Face When She Hears It

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Bachelorette rejects Peter Kraus and Dean Unglert are both very single, and one of them even has a podcast about it! On Unglert's new iHeartRadio show Help! I Suck at Dating, Kraus appeared to give his good friend Dean a few tips. Oh, the irony.
Kraus spoke to Unglert's time on Bachelor in Paradise, during which the California native found himself embroiled in a very uncomfortable love triangle. This led him to conclude that he sucked at dating. Hence the podcast.
"From what I saw of you on [Bachelor in Paradise] just got in your head a couple of times," Kraus said helpfully. "I don't you did anything wrong. You're a fun-loving guy, you're kind, you're very well-spoken. I just feel like it was too much too soon."
It's so lovely to see bros validating other bros. Really, Kraus didn't have much advice for Unglert. He literally told him he didn't do anything wrong!
Later, though, Unglert asked how Kraus operates in relationships. The Michigan native said that his love language, or how he prefers to receive love, is words of affirmation.
"My biggest thing is dating is listening," Kraus said. "So, when you're dating somebody, it can no longer be about yourself. It has to be about that person and how you two interact together." He explained that in relationships, you have to provide love in a way that the other person is willing to accept.
Which is funny, because Peter Kraus certainly wasn't ready to provide love in a way that Rachel Lindsay was willing to accept on The Bachelorette. On the show, Kraus was staunchly opposed to getting engaged. And Rachel Lindsay was determined to get engaged. This led to an impasse.
Lindsay cried so hard her eyelashes fell off. Kraus cried so hard he had to take his shirt off. Now, Lindsay is happily engaged to Bryan Abasolo. They do fun stuff like trampoline together and sing along to songs by Vanilla Ice. It looked like Kraus might be the next Bachelor, but he opted out at the last minute.
"At this stage in my life, I'm single, I'm happy, business is good, family is good," Kraus explained. Still, he isn't ruling out The Bachelor. "I'm ready for the next step again, and if that's what route it took, I'd be okay with that."
For now, he's operating his fitness studio and dishing dating advice to his friends. And aren't we lucky he is! Kraus gave this profound statement he gave Unglert: "Being a buddy is a lot easier than being a girlfriend or fiancé."
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