Miley Cyrus Is Back To Her Hannah Montana Blonde

A few years ago, Miley Cyrus could not have been further from resembling her teenage alter ego, Hannah Montana, if she tried. Thanks to a spunky platinum pixie cut, Cyrus swiftly left her Disney days behind her. But that all changed — again — when the 24-year-old made it explicitly clear that her days of extensive hair upkeep were over. Being that blonde is high maintenance, so the singer/songwriter began growing out her darker roots and eventually rocked a unique, two-toned style.
But a new Instagram post from the star promoting her new album has left fans wondering, Is Hannah Montana back? The photo on Instagram shows Cyrus in a full ruffled pink dress, donning golden, sun-kissed hair (no dark roots in sight) with her ends reaching below her collarbone. And it's styled in glossy, S-waves with a deep side part, too. Cyrus is beaming and holding a guitar, and the whole thing looks sort of... familiar, right? Fans think so, too. One commenter immediately declared, "Hannah Montana is back." Another user joked, "*Lily Prescott voice* 'It's Hannah Montana!'"
Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.
That's not the only comparison fans drew to Cyrus' revamped style. A lot felt like the look was a major callback to the singer's famous godmother and fellow blonde, Dolly Parton, who is featured on the song "Rainbowland" on the album. And it makes sense, considering Cyrus embracing her country roots. But you can still see hints of the old Miley in there too, with her famous tattoos, oversized toy ring, and candy charm bracelet.
Based on past interviews, we highly doubt Cyrus is ready to revive the role that shot her straight to stardom but damn, wouldn't that be the best surprise ever?
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