The Real Problem With Scott & Sofia's Relationship Isn't What You Think

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage.
In case you haven't heard, Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are reportedly dating — and people very are upset with the rumored relationship. The media circus surrounding their "relationship announcement," which amounts to a few couple-y Instagram stories and healthy dose of PDA in Miami, has been whirling given our culture's obsession with chastising young women who date older men. But the irony here is that the 15 year age difference between Scott and Sofia is nearly the exact same gap as Kourtney Kardashian and her new boyfriend Younes Bendjima, who are 14 years apart and started seeing each other in May.
With a 15-year age gap, Sofia and Scott’s budding relationship seems, sadly, ripe for judgement, as seen on Sofia's Instagram account, where people who do not know her personally (or the context of her relationship with Scott) have decided express their disgust. On Sofia's most recent Instagram, a plethora of snake emojis, often associated with deviance and distaste, can be seen in the comments, which also escalate into more direct harassment, with notes like “HOMEWRECKER,” “STOP WITH SCOTT,” "You realize Scott is using you right? He's way older with 3 kids,” and "Girl you think you grown."
But on Younes’ Instagram, the comment section looks a little different. He’s met with praise and positive affirmations, including comments like “Kourtney is one lucky woman,” “Hottie,” and “Gosh he is nice looking go Kourt.”
So, why then is Sofia being labeled the homewrecker, when her "relationship" with Scott only just materialized publicly this month? Scott and Kourtney have been broken up since 2015. It's been two years people — I think it's time to stop calling anyone a homewrecker.
Evidence of people's anger over Scott and Sofia can also be seen Twitter, whereas the public is doing the exact opposite to Younes and Kourtney. In fact, they're demanding MORE images of the couple together, not less.
The double-standard here is infuriating and so blatantly obvious. Yes, a 15 year age difference is quite large when you're dealing with a 19-year-old. But is this the first time something like this has happened? No. And would people be as vicious if the gender roles were reversed? Definitely not. Britney Spears is dating a 23-year-old, Heidi Klum was recently dating someone 13 years her junior, and lest we forget the 29-year age gap between Madonna and ex-flame Jesus Luz.
Safe to say, Sofia and Scott won't be the first, or the last, couple with a glaring age gap, so please, let's give it a rest and put this double-standard to bed.

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