I Wonder What Sofia Richie & Scott Disick FaceTime About

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/amfAR2017/WireImage.
It's been established that Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are just friends. Or rather, in the words of the 18-year-old Hollywood socialite, "just homies." This friendship may seem a bit random because of the age difference, but take a look at their respective friend groups and you'd see the vast overlap in interests and past times. (Namely partying on yachts in Cannes and at 1Oak in Los Angeles.) But now there is something new to add to the list: they both love to FaceTime.
The paparazzi recently snapped a photo of Richie FaceTiming the 33-year-old reality star and father of three as she flashed her phone in full view. Anyone trying to have an inconspicuous conversation would have turned the phone away from the cameras or hung up the phone. But no, these two decided to keep up their phone call in the midst of the nosey cameras, presumably because they DGAF about what people say about their friendship (or because they *cough* wanted to be seen FaceTiming each other because it is funny). As someone who is friends with people who love to FaceTime (I will never understand), I can say from experience that you only FaceTime to show-off that you're FaceTiming. You want people to know who you're talking to and what you're talking about.
So, who do you think initiated the FaceTime? Was it Richie, who had just tweeted how "boring" flying alone is?
Or was it Disick, because he seems like a mumbler, making a visual conversation a much easier mode of communication for him (he's also known to FaceTime his kids)?
Did Disick text Richie asking if she was back in LA and as a quick follow-up she decided to FaceTime him for the paps?
And what do they talk about? Based on the photos, it looks like an entertaining as hell conversation.
The best part of this whole scenario may be the fact that this Richie fan account has no earthly idea who Disick is, calling him "a friend" in a tweet.
One thing I do know is that we definitely won't be catching Kourtney Kardashian on the other side of that selfie cam anytime soon.

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