Dean Unglert Might Just Reunite With His Fifth Grade Girlfriend

Photo: Courtesy of Bob D’Amico/ABC.
After his tragic fall from grace on Bachelor In Paradise, you'd think Dean Unglert might be hiding away in a cave in Calabasas, licking his reality television wounds. But nope! He has a new podcast with iHeart Radio, and he might have used it to foster a new romance. In the premiere episode of the podcast, titled Help! I Suck At Dating, Unglert called his first girlfriend, a woman named Zoe.
Unglert dated Zoe in fifth grade for about a year, the story goes. She broke up with him at the end of it all, and Unglert claims he was "crushed." Difficult to tell who's at fault for a pre-middle school breakup, but Unglert placed the blame on Zoe.
More importantly, though, Zoe is currently single.
"Are you currently dating anyone?" he asked.
"No, I'm not," she responded. She added that she doesn't consider herself better at dating than Unglert himself, who is notoriously bad at dating. (If you haven't seen Bachelor in Paradise, know this: Unglert is deeply indecisive.)
"Can you tune into this podcast every week and maybe we can get better together?" Unglert proposed. "Maybe we'll come full circle and reunite later in life. I don't know." Hm. Maybe! They could be the next Sweet Home Alabama.
Unglert doesn't even have to wait that long — he told Zoe that he'd be in Denver, where she lives, for the Broncos game next week. So, maybe Dean Unglert has a nascent girlfriend on his hands.
Trouble is, he has another potential girlfriend in the works, it seems. Last week, Unglert appeared to be in Lexington, Kentucky, which is where Kristina Schulman from Bachelor Nation resides. Fans noticed that Unglert was in her hometown, and wondered if the California native was rekindling things with his reality television flame. Allegedly, the two still talk everyday, and have been "figuring things out."
Knowing Unglert, though, it's more likely that Unglert has no designs on getting a girlfriend anytime soon. His other erstwhile Bachelor Nation girlfriend, Danielle Lombard, told Us that Unglert doesn't know what he wants.
"Dean is the kind of person who changes his mind every couple of days, maybe even every couple of hours," she said.
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