Dean Unglert Doesn't Want Us To Know He's In Kentucky

If you're trying to keep your whereabouts under wraps, it's probably best not to post a pic of a recognizable intersection on Snapchat. Unfortunately for Dean Unglert, he did not heed that advice, and now the Bachelor Nation is, for lack of a better phrase, putting his shit on blast.
The former Bachelor in Paradise star seems to be upholding his Chris Harrison-dubbed "F-boy" status, as he outed himself as probably (definitely) visiting Kristina Schulman.
Before deleting the post, Unglert shared a Snap Story depicting a dog popping its head out of the window of a car with the caption, "Watch out nerd, I got places to be." The picture seemed innocent enough until one observant Reddit user called out that the intersection, Armstrong Mill Road, is located in Lexington, Kentucky, a city Betches points out is home to Schulman.
His visit comes at quite an interesting time, too. Earlier this week, Unglert's other BiP love interest, Danielle Lombard, essentially blasted him to Us Weekly for leading her on, both on the show and off. According to Lombard, Unglert allegedly went so far as to ensure the two "weren't saying we were boyfriend and girlfriend or in an exclusive relationship."
"Dean is the kind of person who changes his mind every couple of days, maybe even every couple of hours," she told Us. "He doesn’t really know what he wants."
As if things weren't complicated enough, Unglert recently told Extra that he is currently working to establish the trust lost between he and Schulman.
"I think for her [Kristina] to be, I guess, so exposed over the course of the month we were in paradise together, there just needs to be a rebuilding of trust between the two of us and that’s not gonna happen overnight," he said. "I mean, we still talk a lot. I talk to her every single day. So we're just figuring it out."
So, he's cool with admitting that they talk everyday, but he'll go so far as to delete a Snapchat Story of himself cruising through Kentucky to presumably meet her? Why wouldn't Unglert want people to know he's there? Could it be because he's once again managed to string Lombard along and didn't want her to find out?
Time, and possibly more Snapchats, will tell.

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