10 Beauty Products That Will Bring Out Your Dark Side On Halloween

There are only two weeks to go until Halloween, and your group chat is buzzing every three seconds. All the same costume ideas keep popping up on your lock screen: Betty Cooper, Lara Jean (yes, you're still talking about that movie), and Kate Middleton are the few you catch before another suggestion pushes the last deeper into the thread.
For the record, those are all great, commendable costumes. Being the "good girl" is always fun: She's royal, she's sweet, she even dates Jughead Jones. But we've decided to go in another direction this time around. We're skipping the pink lip gloss, school-girl ponytails, and cubic-zirconia tiara and trading it in for something a little... darker. Hey, even Betty has a dark side, and frankly, we wouldn't mind dressing up as her — black wig and all — for a night.
This means we're in the market for moody eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lots of black lipsticks this year. If you are, too — whether your idea of Halloween plans entails channeling your inner Nancy Downs or skipping the party altogether to stay home and listen to Joy Division — we've got every product necessary to make your October 31st a total success. Our go-to goth makeup, ahead.