Are Dark Betty's Webcam Days Over?

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Did 16-year-old Betty Cooper bonding with her brother by becoming a webcam girl disturb you? Don't worry: Riverdale's resident Nancy Drew is finding new outlets for her sexual expression.
Wednesday's episode "The Wicked and the Divine" showed Lili Reinhart's Betty once again donning the black wig she wore to torture Chuck Clayton (Dal McKennon). This time, however, it was to chat with strangers via her webcam, something that her newly-discovered sibling Chic (Hart Denton) does as a profession. It's unclear if Betty is actually being paid for this, or if her clients know that she's, again, only 16.
However, at the end of the episode, it seems that Betty is finding a way to explore her sexuality that is a little more personal: She and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) finally get back together, and solidify their reunion by having sex for the first time.
Hooking up with Jughead on the regular could be exactly what Betty needs to explore her sexuality, actress Reinhart told Vulture in a new interview.
"Webcamming wasn’t a natural progression of things... She just lost her virginity to Jughead and they just got back together, so there’s not necessarily a reason for her to continue doing [webcamming]," Reinhart told the outlet. "It was a way for her to express her budding sexuality, and now that she’s back with her boyfriend, that’s a lot healthier of an option in exploring her sexuality. One that’s not necessarily dangerous or taboo."
While there's nothing wrong with Chic's chosen profession, Chic is of legal age, and seems to take precautions to protect his privacy and safety. (At least, that's what he insists he does to Betty. Chic did end up covered in someone else's blood in the last episode, so... who knows.) The youngest Cooper is only a high school sophomore, and if her conversations with the Black Hood taught us anything, it's that Betty doesn't really get the concept of stranger danger. Or maybe she does get the concept, but she doesn't mind putting herself in jeopardy when falling deep down the dark rabbit hole — which is kind of what's going on with this webcam thing.
Bughead fans should be thrilled that the ultimate mystery-solving duo are back together in a big way, and for everyone else, well — at least Betty and Chic can't swap webcam tales anymore.

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