Why Riverdale's Black Hood Mystery Probably Isn't Over

Photo: Courtesy of Katie Yu/The CW.
It’s all been leading up to this, Riverdale fans, the unmasking of the Black Hood serial killer. As the seconds ticked down on the season 2 winter finale “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” it was easy to assume the murdery CW soap would leave that mystery as an unresolved cliffhanger, to be picked up once again in 2018. That seemed especially plausible as newly-confirmed hunky dad Sheriff Keller (Martin Cummins) shot the morality-obsessed murderer dead. What a perfect place for a fade-to-black, right?
But, no, Keller managed to make it to the now-deceased serial killer and remove his titular black hood to reveal… Mr. Svenson (Cameron McDonald) the janitor?! Yes, Svenson seemed like the obvious choice once he crept onto the scene in “Tales from the Darkside,” but, that’s why I’m calling bull. This “twist” is so unsurprising, every fiber of my Riverdale-loving being is convinced Svenson’s death won’t mark the end of the Black Hood’s torment of our eponymous town, because the janitor probably isn’t the real Black Hood Killer. Or, at least, Svenson isn’t the only Black Hood Killer.
If you don’t believe me, keep reading for all the mounting evidence against the Svenson case.
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