Who Is The Angel Of Death On Riverdale?

After the wild ride that was season one of Riverdale, some of us fans spent months worrying about how The CW could possibly follow it up. Amazingly, though, last night’s season 2 premiere did not disappoint. Somehow the first episode seemed to feel scarier and more ominous than every episode of the entire first season combined. Perhaps that’s because we’ve now formed intense attachments to the show’s characters.Or, may, it's just because this season, we’re dealing with all this scary shit, in real time and not after-the-fact.
Overwhelming desperation seemed to follow many of Riverdale’s main characters throughout last night’s episode. Archie fears for his father’s life, as he lays in a hospital bed, Betty worries about her boyfriend becoming a member of the Southside Serpents gang, and Veronica grapples with the idea that her parents might be behind Archie’s dad’s attack.
Then, as if all that tension weren’t enough, in classic Riverdale fashion, the episode closed on a terrifying note that made us want to fast-forward our lives to next Wednesday just so we could see more. Y’all know what we’re talking about: Miss Grundy’s murder. At the very end of the season 2 premiere, we saw that sexual predator Grundy killed by who we’re led to believe is the same man that shot Fred Andrews.
So, right now, Riverdale fans are preoccupied with theorizing and hypothesizing around who this "Angel of Death" could possibly be. At the moment, we only have a few tidbits of concrete information on the killer — it’s a white man with green eyes — but knowing this town, so many different people could be under that hood, or behind the murders indirectly.
Here we’ve compiled a list of everyone we, and others on the internet are suspecting right now.

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