Who Is The Angel Of Death On Riverdale?

After the wild ride that was season one of Riverdale, some of us fans spent months worrying about how The CW could possibly follow it up. Amazingly, though, last night’s season 2 premiere did not disappoint. Somehow the first episode seemed to feel scarier and more ominous than every episode of the entire first season combined. Perhaps that’s because we’ve now formed intense attachments to the show’s characters.Or, may, it's just because this season, we’re dealing with all this scary shit, in real time and not after-the-fact.
Overwhelming desperation seemed to follow many of Riverdale’s main characters throughout last night’s episode. Archie fears for his father’s life, as he lays in a hospital bed, Betty worries about her boyfriend becoming a member of the Southside Serpents gang, and Veronica grapples with the idea that her parents might be behind Archie’s dad’s attack.
Then, as if all that tension weren’t enough, in classic Riverdale fashion, the episode closed on a terrifying note that made us want to fast-forward our lives to next Wednesday just so we could see more. Y’all know what we’re talking about: Miss Grundy’s murder. At the very end of the season 2 premiere, we saw that sexual predator Grundy killed by who we’re led to believe is the same man that shot Fred Andrews.
So, right now, Riverdale fans are preoccupied with theorizing and hypothesizing around who this "Angel of Death" could possibly be. At the moment, we only have a few tidbits of concrete information on the killer — it’s a white man with green eyes — but knowing this town, so many different people could be under that hood, or behind the murders indirectly.
Here we’ve compiled a list of everyone we, and others on the internet are suspecting right now.
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Dilton Doiley

Since the beginning of the show, Dilton Doiley has been involved in sketchy dealings. We know he has access to guns, which the Black Hood has used in his run-ins with both Fred Andrews and Moose and Midge. In season 1, Doiley gives an ill-advised shooting presentation to his fellow Boy Scouts then trades on of Archie's secrets to Betty and Jughead in order to cover up the fact that he has a gun. In season 2, he’s the one who helps Archie get a gun, when Archie goes off the deep-end and decides he wants to become a vigilante. Besides being a gun nut, Dilton Doiley also just has a creepy vibe and doesn't seem to have any real friends. Something about him is just so dark, and we can definitely see him being a serial killer.
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Clifford Blossom's Evil Twin

Hey, if Pretty Little Liars can do it, why not? We know that twins run in the Blossom family, and that Cliff was a very bad man. Maybe his secret identical twin is running around Riverdale, trying to atone for his brother's sins.
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Sheriff Keller

In season 2's first episode, Sheriff Keller protests just a little bit too much when Archie and Jughead suggest that Fred Andrews being shot was more than just an unfortunate occurrence during an armed robbery. Even after Pop tells the police that the masked "Angel of Death" didn't take any money from the cash register, Sheriff Keller doesn't admit there's something suspicious going on. Is that because he's the killer, and he's trying desperately to keep that covered up?

One Redditor named ExaltedBunny agrees that Sheriff Keller could be behind the attacks. The user wrote, "He's a detective, an easy way to have access to guns, people's information, their address etc." Perhaps, he's taking his duty to protect the town from evil-doers a bit too far.

In episode 3, "The Watcher In The Woods," Sheriff Keller confronts his son Kevin about going into the woods at night. Sure, this could be a father's genuine concern for his son, but perhaps he actually just doesn't want his son finding out what scary things go on in those woods, like say, his dad murdering people.
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Alice Cooper

The theory that the "Angel of Death" is targeting Riverdale's most deviant residents has already been thrown around quite a lot. However, after episode 2 aired, viewers have started to connect that theory to Betty's mom, Alice. A Reddit user recently posted on the /r/riverdale subreddit to explain the rationale behind that connection. The user wrote, "Given that she’s been so concerned lately about crime/deviancy infecting Riverdale, I theorize that she’s turning into a crazed vigilante." The post also lists evidence, including the fact that Alice recently implied to Fred that he set a bad example by dating Hermione Lodge, a married woman; she knew about Mrs. Grundy's affair with Archie; and she knew about the kids doing Jingle Jangle. Basically, Alice is just always in the know. This particular Reddit user seems to think that all the killings have been Alice's idea, but that she's having her husband, Hal Cooper, do the dirty work.
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Hiram Lodge

Veronica’s dad is clearly the most obvious suspect for the shooting of Fred Andrews. From the minute we heard Hermione Lodge tell Fred that it was in his best interest to allow her and her husband to buy him out of the SoDale project on the last episode of season 1, we thought Hiram might have it out for Archie’s dad. We also know that he’s been involved in some sketchy dealings in the past. He did just get out of jail for embezzlement, after all. It’s unclear, though, why Hiram would kill or hire someone to kill Miss Grundy. There’s one other thing that has us skeptical that Hiram is behind these two acts of violence, and that’s the fact that everyone keeps talking about him as a possibility. Because Veronica openly insinuated that her parents were involved in Fred’s shooting, it seems almost too obvious to be true. It kind of wouldn’t even be a twist if Hiram was the “Angel of Death,” and we know good and well that Riverdale loves a twist.
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Hal Cooper

Betty’s dad being the “Angel of Death,” may seem like a bit of a stretch, but honestly, the masked man who killed Grundy actually looks kind of like him. And, though we haven’t seen all that much from Hal Cooper, what we did see in season 1 was disturbing AF. He forced his wife, Alice, to give up their first child for adoption, which she says is the biggest regret of her life. He also nearly forced his daughter Polly into an abortion when she became pregnant with Jason Blossom’s twins. So, we have it on good authority that Hal is capable of some messed up things, but does he have a motive to murder Fred Andrew and Miss Grundy? Hal did know about Miss Grundy’s affair with Archie, and he doesn’t exactly seem to be on great terms with the Andrews family, despite living next-door and going to high school with Fred. However, neither of those facts seem like enough to warrant crime.
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Betty's Long Lost Brother

We know almost nothing about this character expect that his name is Chic, and he was given up for adoption by Betty's parents, Alice and Hal, before she was born. Recently, we learned that Chic would show up in season 2 of Riverdale and would be played by Hart Denton. We're not sure why he would target Mr. Andrews and Miss Grundy, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that he might be returning to the town of Riverdale for revenge, after being given up by his parents.
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Mayor Sierra McCoy

Obviously, Mayor McCoy was not the one wearing that mask, but there is some evidence that she may have hired someone to get rid of Miss Grundy and Mr. Andrews. We know that she's not above corruption, and she's obsessed with scrubbing scandal from the town. One Reddit user, known online as Locke108, commented, "I think the killer is going after the sinners of Riverdale. Fred kissed a married woman (Or it’s because of the DUI they mentioned last season) and Grundy was a predator. He’s going after those who ruined his perfect town." And, who is more desperate to make the town perfect than Mayor McCoy?
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The Southside Serpents
Archie himself worried about the Serpents as suspects in his dad's shooting, and although Jughead disagrees, that seems like a possibility. They are gang members, with access to guns, and they may have a grudge against Fred after being fired from working on the SoDale project. But, would that mean that Miss Grundy's murder was unconnected to Fred's shooting?
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Ethel Muggs' Father

Ethel's dad is another character we know very little about, but a Reddit user named rwhyman1 floated this theory and it does seem to make some sense. The user explained, "We know Ethel’s father was mentally unwell after his financial crisis. Could he have been sent over the edge by what the Core four’s respective families have done to his family and his town!?" This would be a huge twist since many viewers have probably long forgotten about the storyline with Ethel and Veronica's dads. Perhaps Hiram is the next victim?
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Grundy's Abusive Ex-Husband

Miss Grundy's abusive ex-husband, whom she changed her identity and moved to another city to get away from, seems like an obvious suspect for the music teacher's murder. He could have also wanted to hurt someone close to Archie Andrews, if he somehow found out he was romantically and sexually involved with his ex-wife. But, if he is the "Angel of Death," would that mean that the killings will stop now that Grundy is dead?
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Mary Andrews

Remember how in one of Fred Andrew's coma dreams, he's standing in Archie's wedding party as his son gets married to Veronica? During that dream, Fred looks out into the rows of guests and sees Mary, his wife who he is currently separated from, and Mary gives him a knowing wink. Could this be a tiny clue that she's responsible for Fred getting shot? At the very end of episode one, Mary is seen walking up the stairs with a tray of food, which we assume she's bringing to a recovering Fred. Could she have hired someone to shoot her husband, so that she would be called to come help nurse him back to health? A tragedy seems like a pretty good way to get a family back together. And, if she hired someone to shoot her husband, why not also get them to murder Mrs. Grundy, who had an affair with her underage son, while he's at it?

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