Male Comic Shares Dick Pics, Instagram Doesn’t Seem To Notice

Photo: Instagram.
Is Instagram so busy policing nip slips that dick pics can slip through the cracks for nearly a whole day? There were definitely at least two penis pics flying under the radar over on Adult Swim star Eric André's Instagram account this week. Monday night, the comedian — who is currently touring in Japan — shared two full-frontal photos of himself in rapid succession. We're not talking a minor treasure trail artfully creeping into the bottom left corner of the frame. (André doesn't seem to do subtle, as a general rule.) These were two totally nude photos featuring the comedian's penis, front and center. Photos of genitalia are a clearly spelled-out no-no on the platform. And yet, André's images remained up his feed for around 18 hours, according to GQ's clock. (The images are down now; you can check out doctored originals on the magazine's site.) So okay, fine. The pictures that violate Instagram's community rules have been removed. But André's account is still active — meaning that the platform hasn't suspended his access. So, did he quietly take the pics down himself without any intervention from the site's gatekeepers? Or is it possible that Instagram isn't paying as close attention to penis photos as it is to, say, making sure a stray lady pube doesn't make its way into your feed? Your guess is as good as ours. But there's definitely something a little bizarre going on — even if it's just the reason why André was busting out his bits in the first place. Editor's note: Refinery29 reached out for comment from Instagram regarding Eric André's account status. As of January 6, we have not yet received a response. More Entertainment Stories:

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