Corinne Olympios Is "Really Good Friends" With Producer Who Filed Complaint

Photo: Paul Hebert/ABC.
Corinne Olympios is still friends with the producer who filed the third-party complaint that shut down production of Bachelor In Paradise in early June.
"[The producer and I are] still really good friends," Olympios told Entertainment Tonight. The producer, who remains anonymous, was reportedly Olympios' best friend on set. "After the fact, I guess I was expressing that I didn't even remember talking to DeMario, and that's when they were like, 'OK, we gotta do something about this.'"
She added, "It was just, like, sad [to not remember the situation]. You feel a little helpless." According to Olympios, the reality star went to the producer after the night of June 4 because she couldn't recall the night before. Olympios mixed medication and alcohol and blacked out during the first night of filming. That night, she and contestant DeMario Jackson engaged in sexual activity.
"I took my medication at a different time than I normally take it, which is just a mishmosh of things, and just unfortunately caused me to have a severe blackout," Olympios explained. "I don’t remember anything from that day. I was told that I didn't realize that I had spoken to [Jackson] earlier in the day."
The incident, which blew up quickly in the press, seems to have boiled down to miscommunication and a difficult situation, although there are many factors at play. Olympios alleges that she wishes the situation could have been handled "privately," but Jackson quickly spoke to press about the situation. Olympios claims Jackson's statement prompted her own campaign, which included high powered lawyer Marty Singer.
"I actually told [Jackson] last night, I was like, 'You ran to the media. I'm so mad at you,' and he was like, ‘No I didn’t. I only went to the media after your statement came out,'" she explained. Olympios and Jackson were spotted together Wednesday night in Los Angeles. "I did express to him I was upset that we could have handled it privately, but everything happens for a reason, and we're all good now."
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