Blame Billy Eichner For The Bees On American Horror Story: Cult

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By now you've likely seen the many, many posters and promos for American Horror Story: Cult that tease the FX show's bee connection in season 7. But will the connection be literal, or just metaphorical? Now we know that it's is a little bit of both.
Thanks to new spoilers for the series, it seems that Billy Eichner's character is bringing bees to the anthology series.
According to early reviews of the new show, Eichner's character — who we know, thanks to cast photos, will be playing a man named Harrison Wilton — is a literal beekeeper, which means that, no, the bees wouldn't just be a metaphor for the cult having a "hive mind."
Not much else is known about Eichner's recurring role on AHS, but in an interview with Entertainment Tonight the actor teased that it won't be comedic in nature:
"I get to be dramatic and violent and sexual," the Difficult People star told ET. "People may not be prepared to see that side of me."
One of American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy's earliest clues about the upcoming season had to do with the buzzing insects. He shared an image of a person wearing what seemed to be a cozy sweater to Instagram, only to horrify fans who realized that the person in the pic was actually being swarmed by bees.

AHS last clue before this week's TITLE reveal. Ideas?

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Murphy recently revealed a big reason for having the hive dwellers in the show. During a Q&A at a special press screening of American Horror Story: Cult's early episodes, Murphy told the press, per Entertainment Weekly, "Bees are the original cult."
Bees may be the original cult, but as for those clowns? Why they're in the mix is something we'll have to wait until the show's premiere on September 5th to find out.

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