Can You Find All The Clowns Hidden In The American Horror Story: Cult Cast Photos?

Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FX.
Leave it to American Horror Story to make you dance for your supper. New cast photos have been released, but there's a little trick: you have to find, then unscramble a message.
Because we love you, we did all the heavy lifting and have all the cast photos ready to be analyzed. We already know this season features clowns and, obviously, cults. But the creator, Ryan Murphy, has said that the show is an allegory for the 2016 presidential election. Not sure how they can make that scarier than reality, but go for it.
Even though we've spent months speculating about this season's plot, the cast photos are just prompting more questions. What is this cult? Are our main characters the hunted or the hunters? And most importantly, can you spot all the creepy clowns lurking in the backgrounds?
Leave all theories in the comments.
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