Billy Eichner's Role On AHS Won't Be Anything Like Billy On The Street

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American Horror Story fans may have been scratching their heads when news came that outspoken comic Billy Eichner was announced as part of Ryan Murphy's motley crew for Cult, but the actor says that he's relishing the opportunity to play against type and hopes that fans will embrace his efforts, too.
In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Eichner says that the show will give him a chance to show off his classical training.
"I get to be dramatic and violent and sexual," Eichner told ET. "People may not be prepared to see that side of me."
Eichner explained that although viewers see him as a comic and that he's happy to have found that niche in his career, he actually started out in dramas. That may be hard to believe, especially since Eichner himself said that there's no evidence of it anywhere, but if anyone can bring out A+ performances from his actors, it's Murphy.
"I haven't done it in a while and the public hasn't seen [it], so I thought now is the time to do it," Eichner added. "I was confident enough in my abilities that I could pull it off. You're working with really great, accomplished and acclaimed actors, [so] I really want it to be good."
Eichner says that he's wanted to get onto a Murphy production for years, adding that he looks up to the director and writer and sees his work as truly "original" and "powerful." But the wisecracking comic knows that he'll have to address naysayers, too. He points to other comics that have crossed over, including Steve Carell and Jim Carey, both of whom took dramatic turns in their careers.
Fans can expect more of Eichner's serious side, knowing how Murphy likes to enlist his actors for repeat appearances. Eichner may be a new face for Cult, but it won't be surprising if he returns for subsequent AHS seasons in the future.
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