American Horror Story: Cult Continues To Troll Us With Creepy Clowns

Photo: FX
Another day, another American Horror Story: Cult promo featuring everyone's least favorite entertainers: demonic clowns.
This time, Bozo's evil relatives are taking over a bus, so get ready to walk everywhere.
Season 7 of AHS premieres on September 5, and while we have yet to see any footage from the upcoming episodes, the show is definitely setting a creepy mood. The series has released multiple promos, most of which are clown-centric.
The latest, which was posted to the show's Twitter feed, resembles a Slipknot video set to classical music. At first, the dolled-up faces of the show's cult of clowns appear stoic — until the video begins cutting to the clowns in full-on rage mode.
What is happening? No idea, but, umm, let me off at the next stop, please.
Fans of the show shared their reactions to the new promo, and just as Ryan Murphy intended, they are freaked out and using memes to relate their fear.
American Horror Story: Cult could be the scariest installment of the anthology series yet though fans are still in the dark about the actual plot of the upcoming season. From previous promos, we know that the titular cult is deeply connected to clown culture and that bee imagery will play a big role. We also know that the real-life 2016 presidential election will come into play, though how that connects to literally anything else is more of a question mark than why Evan Peters is rocking blue hair.
Guess we'll have to wait for September 5 for any real answers. Meanwhile, I'll be calling a lot more Ubers while I wait for this clownphobia to shake off.

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