Evan Peters & Billie Lourd's AHS S7 Looks Are Really Confusing Us

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We have a serious question about one of the 43 (rough estimate) shows Ryan Murphy is working on: What is going on with all this blue hair on the set of American Horror Story?
As we know from Murphy's own Instagram, the filming has begun for the seventh season of the popular series American Horror Story, and this time the theme is the most terrifying and relevant yet: the 2016 election. With a theme like that, there are more than a few ways in which horrible, terrifying things can happen. But as of now, the only scary thing we've seen is the color of Evan Peters and Billie Lourd's hair.
As Just Jared Jr. and a few dedicated AHS Twitter feeds show, Peters is rocking a Smurf blue 'do on the set of the series in Los Angeles. And Lourd has a winter-inspired look, as Murphy revealed in an Instagram photo with the caption: "Winter is coming. Can't wait for everybody to see what the incredible Billie Lourd does this season on AHS."

❄️?❄️#winteriscoming @mrrpmurphy @ahsfx

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And after seeing Peters' hair, we now understand the context of Murphy's "blue clue" from last month, too.

AHS Season 7: Red, white and blue clue

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So, what's up with the blue hair? Other than AHS: Freak Show, the characters have been relatively normal-looking. Actually, that's a lie — they're always wacky. Reddit has a few theories to offer up as to how Peters' appearance ties into the storyline, and we have one of our own.
1. Perhaps the blue hair symbolizes that he is a Democrat in the season as my colleague suggests. This theory could be confirmed the moment we see Sarah Paulson on set looking like Princess Ariel if she plays his Republican counterpart (her and Peters are rumored to be the two lead characters). It would be interesting to have the character's hair represent their political motives.
2. The movie is set in a dystopian time and his hair is a reference to Stanley Tucci's elaborate Hunger Games character, as this Reddit thread argues.
3. He's a millennial trying out the mermaid hair trend, spending all his money on avocado toast, and is the reason for the country's demise.
Either way, here is what we do know: Lourd has gray hair. Peters has blue hair. The show will have nods to Hillary Clinton and President Donald Trump in some fashion. There is a disturbing elephant creature. And with just those facts, I can already tell this is gonna be a wild ride.

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