This American Horror Story Character Is Coming Back, Like It Or Not

Being that Ryan Murphy isn't exactly the most reliable source for American Horror Story news — the producer is behind previous schemes involving the release of faux trailers before AHS season 6 — if his latest Instagram post is any indication, an old favorite is returning to the show.
Entertainment Weekly reports that Murphy posted a photo showing Twisty the clown, who played a major role in American Horror Story's fourth season, Freak Show. "He's Baaaaaack," Murphy teased.

He's Baaaaaack

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John Carroll Lynch had the honors of bringing Twisty, a deformed clown, to life in his debut, but that doesn't mean that the actor will be reprising the role, or how exactly a clown that (spoiler alert) died will play into the upcoming season. It'll be a tough call, especially since fans know that Murphy's next go-round will revolve around the 2016 election.
Murphy did confirm that all of the American Horror Story seasons exist in one timeline, adding even more mystery to Twisty's return. Perhaps after his string of murders, Twisty has become something of a mantle to be passed on from one maniacal killer to the next? It would be one work-around to the whole dead thing and it does have some precedent: Twisty's rampage did inspire Finn Wittrock's character, Dandy, to off a few characters on his own accord.
The Instagram post could be a clue to Twisty's role, since it's a comic book cover and not an actual photo. It would be a little more believable for Twisty to come back in media and not the actual storyline, so maybe Murphy's reveal is the beginning and end of Twisty's cameo.
Knowing how Murphy likes to goad his fans, it could be major or nothing at all.
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