Fans Are NOT Happy With Cole Sprouse’s Cigarette Habit

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At the end of the day, no matter how obsessive or intruding they get, fans just want their idols to be okay. That's why they're so rude to pop stars' girlfriends or get angry when another fan invades their space. It's also why fans are up in arms at Cole Sprouse's recent Instagram post.
Neither of the Sprouse twins need help seeming cooler. They were Disney Channel stars, which is the epitome of cool when you're 13. Now, Cole Sprouse stars in The CW's Riverdale as literally the too-cool-to-care guy. He doesn't need anything to amp up that factor. That's basically why it's annoying that his latest photoshoot has him holding a cigarette.
At 25 years old, Sprouse can make his own decisions, and he's more than able to accept the responsibilities for something like smoking, but fans still want to encourage him to stop. Whether he actually smokes the cigarettes or not, this photoshoot for L'Uomo Vogue is still problematic.
We've written about this several times before, but as Seventeen Magazine points out again, Cole Sprouse's photo is glorifying a habit that kills 480,000 people a year. Young, impressionable fans will look to him and think that smoking will help make them as cool as Sprouse.
This isn't the first time Sprouse has posed with cigarettes, either. Yesterday, he posted a series of photos to Twitter, many of which show him with the cigarette in his mouth. It's hard to believe he's pulling an Augustus Waters from The Fault In Our Stars.
In an effort to get Sprouse to stop using cigarettes, fans have taken over his Instagram comments. One fan wrote "I really hope you do not actually smoke that's one of the worst things you can do to your body."
Others are against the smoking, but still giving into a dangerous perception.
"Smoking is bad for you please don't do it live for me bc I love you very much but you still managed to look very hot so I will give you a pass," wrote another commenter.
Cole Sprouse has defended his choice to smoke and pose with cigarettes in photos multiple times before, as Seventeen points out. So, it's clear that it will take a lot of convincing for him to stop. Hopefully, with his fame only increasing with Riverdale's popularity, the celebrity will at least take his habit out of the public eye.
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