Is Cole Sprouse Trolling Us With This TBT Photo Of Lili Reinhart's "Twin"?

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If you're familiar with either of the Sprouse twins' social media presences, you're probably used to their antics. Cole Sprouse's current Instagram bio is "DM me your credit card information." and according to a recent update, people are actually doing it. Those kind of jokes are why fans were freaking out at Sprouse's latest Instagram story post.
He uploaded an old photo of him, his brother, Dylan, and a young fan. Everything looks totally normal except the girl in the photo looks exactly like Lili Reinhart, Sprouse's Riverdale love interest. In the next post, he tagged Reinhart and added several question marks.
Riverdale viewers are very supportive of a potential relationship between stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse (Betty and Jughead). Their on-screen romance is far too convincing. Still, neither of the celebrities have confirmed that they're dating. This latest post could just be another way Sprouse is trolling his fans.
If it were really Reinhart in that photo, that would mean the two of them were meant to date. Time brought them together! It's a classic love story. But, unfortunately for Bughead fans, the girl in the photo is not Lili Reinhart.
For comparison, here's the Riverdale actress, in a photo appropriately shot by Cole Sprouse.

A post shared by Cole Sprouse (@colesprouse) on

And here's the fan photo.
Close, but not quite. Anna-Laura, the real girl in the photo, freaked out on Twitter over being on Sprouse's story. Obviously, fans had questions like "How did you meet them?" and "Are you Lili Reinhart's secret twin sister?"
And Anna-Laura had answers to, at least, one of those questions. The boys were filming a jet-ski scene at a nearby lake and she got to take a photo with them.
Even if Sprouse and Reinhart didn't meet when they were kids, their relationship would still be just as cute. That is, if they'd ever confirm it. Until that fateful day, Bughead fans will just have to live vicariously through season 1 of Riverdale.
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