Fans Thinks Taylor Swift Is Mocking Kim Kardashian's Robbery

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And so the scrutiny of Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" video marches on. Fans have decided that hidden among the video's many references is a subtle nod toward Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris last October. Early in the music video for the song, Swift lies in a bathtub filled with diamonds. Marie Claire noted that fans quickly connected this image with the incident in Paris.
One Twitter user lists the gun, the jewelry, and the bathtub as evidence that the scene is a direct Kim K. reference. During Paris Fashion Week, Kardashian West was bound and gagged by armed robbers, who stole an estimated $11 million worth of jewelry. Kardashian, as Glamour points out, was held hostage in a bathroom during the ordeal. The robbers had guns; in the "Look" video, Taylor Swift makes a finger gun with her hands as she lies in the bathtub.
Kardashian has since described the incident in detail on Keeping Up with the Kardashiansthe entire event, from beginning to end, is tragic and harrowing and certainly not something to mock. Fans of Kardashian are incensed that Swift would be so flippant about the ordeal.
However, it's conceivable that Swift didn't intend to reference the robbery. Other theories trace the bathtub image back to other pop culture icons, like Mariah Carey. Carey famously shared a series of Instagrams of herself wearing diamonds in the bathtub last September. Who wears diamonds in the bath? Why, Mariah Carey does. One Twitter user pointed out that at her performance of "Blank Space" at the Grammy Museum, Swift said the public sees her as a woman "crying [over boys] in her bathroom surrounded by pearls." The bathtub also has a single dollar bill in it — a definite reference to Swift's recent trial, in which she sued a former DJ for a single dollar.
Swift could also be pointing a finger at Melania Trump, who ate diamond spaghetti on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico. The video is stacked with visual references and nods to pop culture icons, so who knows? When it comes to Taylor Swift, it's pretty impossible to tell.
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