Corinne Olympios Just Addressed The Bachelor In Paradise Drama For The First Time

Photo: Bob Du2019Amico/ABC.
Since allegations of sexual misconduct on Bachelor In Paradise hit the news, we've heard a lot of different stories about what actually happened. DeMario Jackson, one of the accused, spoke out on social media and to several different news outlets about how the incident has affected him. But the one other person who should have a lot to say has been silent. Finally, Corinne Olympios has issued a statement via Twitter.
Early this summer, reports came out that a situation involving Jackson and Olympios caused production on Bachelor In Paradise to come to a halt. Almost immediately, fans and critics alike had their own conclusions about what really happened. Both parties were victims of vicious cyber bullying and harassment. It's no wonder Olympios waited so long to say something of her own.
The reality star has been active on social media, but never said anything about the controversy. Late August 22nd, Olympios tweeted "everyone: before making your assumptions, watch my interview with @chrisbharrison next week to hear it straight from me."
This week, we saw DeMario Jackson sit down with Chris Harrison, host on The Bachelor franchise, to discuss his side of the story. His tearful explanation of what has happened to him since the drama began was hard to watch for many viewers.
That means next week is Corinne Olympios' turn. The only things we've heard from the Miami native since production began are statements through a representative. According to her tweet, we may not have the full story yet.
Olympios' first interview regarding the scandal should shed more light on the delicate situation. We can only hope that everything will be resolved and both Olympios and Jackson can continue their pursuit of love sans-drama.
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