This Is Why Jon Snow Didn't Get On The Dragon

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It's impossible to walk away from an episode of Game of Thrones without a million questions. After season 7, episode 6, we were plagued with one very important one: Why didn't Jon Snow just get on the dragon with everyone else?
We get why Daenerys Targaryen would fly off without him. One of her children just died and she isn't prepared to lose another one, but why would Jon Snow even give her the opportunity?
Director Alan Taylor spoke to The Daily Beast about the penultimate episode of this season and he explained the psychology behind why Jon Snow made that decision.
"The intention was two things," he began. "One is that they’re climbing on the dragon and it’s a slow process. Their flank is unprotected and we see that there are wights coming towards them, so he had to battle those guys back."
Logistically speaking, Jon Snow had to stay on the ground and protect his friends as they climbed on top of Drogon. That makes sense, but what happens after is a little fuzzier.
"The other thing is that it is just very Jon Snow of him," Taylor said. "To get caught up in it all and it not being the most tactical thing or strategic thing."
Jon Snow was facing off with his biggest nemesis, The Night King. They're so close that he can look him in the eye. That is, after he takes down a few wights. Obviously, Jon was going to do as much damage as he could, especially after Night King slayed Dany's dragon, Viserion. It just so happened that it cost him.
If you spent Sunday night banging your head against the wall because of the near-fatal mistake, rest assured that it may suck, but it's classic Jon Snow. What can we count on if not Jon's blind heroism?
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