GoT Fans Cannot Get Over This Big Question From Last Night's Episode

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from Game of Thrones. Proceed at your own risk.
The latest Game of Thrones episode, "Beyond the Wall," was one of the most emotionally-charged hours in television history (well, at least in the history of GoT). In just 70 minutes, we saw Sansa and Arya go head-to-head in an epic sister feud, Jon and his men battle the Army of the Dead, The Hound putting aside his prejudice of the Wildlings to save Tormund's life, the once King of the North pledge his allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen to form the most badass alliance, and the heartbreaking death of Viserion.
Though the episode left us with a number of questions — Why did Arya give Sansa her weapon? Are Dany and Jon going to take their relationship to an incestuous level? How did Gendry run so quickly through the snow? — BuzzFeed points out there is one unsolved mystery that has everyone on the internet puzzled: Where the hell did the White Walkers get those massive chains to pull Viserion out of the water?
Between spats of ugly crying, fans from all over took their queries to Twitter in hopes of feeling some resolve.
As one fan pointed out, those heavy chains could be the reason it's taken the White Walkers such a long time to travel.
But once you move past the origin of the chains, another question lingers: How did the White Walkers manage to get the chains around Viserion if they die upon touching water?
While no one seems to have an answer about how White Walkers were miraculously able to swim, @ThronesFacts has a pretty wild theory about how they were able to anticipate needing those chains. In a tweet, the fan site wrote: "Theory: The Night King has visions like Bran, knew the dragons would come, & came prepared with ship chains and ice javelins."
If the Night King actually does have the power to see into the future, everyone is going to have a lot more to worry about than just battling an undead dragon.

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