There Are Not Enough Tissues In The World To Help GoT Fans Cope With This Latest Death

Warning: Major, major Game of Thrones spoilers ahead. Also, if you choose to proceed, you just might cry.
This week's Game of Thrones episode, "Beyond the Wall," was intense. Arya confronted Sansa about the letter she once penned asking Robb to convince Ned to pledge allegiance to the Lannisters, Jon Snow and his crew ventured out to fight the White Walkers, and Tormund Giantsbane finally admitted that he wants to make beautiful, gigantic children with Brienne of Tarth. But the most notable moment from the episode also happened to be the saddest: One of the most beloved characters in the Seven Kingdoms met his demise.
Let's all take a moment to mourn the death — well, sort of death — of one of Daenerys Targaryen's three incredible dragons, Viserion.
You good? Us neither, but we've got to continue.
As Viserion flew to defend his Queen, the Night King grabbed a spear, threw it, and pierced through his flesh, causing the dragon to plummet to through the ice and die submerged under freezing water. The scene was truly heartbreaking and sent the internet into an emotional uproar.
Before our tears even had a chance to dry, we were met with a new twist: The Viserion fans knew and loved may have died, but his body would live on as something menacing and foul. At the end of the episode, the Night King watched as his army of dead followers pulled the dragon out of the water with chains. Moments later, Viserion's once kind eyes opened and revealed the same piercing blue belonging to the wights. He had, alas, been turned against his mother.
But before you vow (once again) to never again watch GoT, The Hollywood Reporter has a theory that could change everything.
Remember the riddle "the dragon has three heads"? Well, with the Night King as now a potential dragon-rider, the series has left open the possibility for others. Though many have long thought that Jon and Dany would claim the titles, THR suggests that one of the riders could actually be Bran Stark, and it's all because of something the Three-Eyed Raven said years back: "You will never walk again...but you will fly."
OH. MY. GOD. Could that mean Bran could use his warg powers to control the new, scarier version of Viserion, successfully usurping the Night King's power and destroying the White Walkers? No one can be sure for now, but at least there's hope.

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