Sansa & Arya Finally Aired Out All Their Dirty Laundry

Most sisters fight over who gets the next turn using the shower, but Sansa and Arya have much bigger problems on their hands.
Last week, fans knew that some bad blood was brewing after Arya uncovered a letter Littlefinger not-so-discreetly hid in his quarters. While we knew the scroll's inscription was super important based on Arya's reaction, it wasn't until a day later that we understood why: Sansa, who at the time was to be married to Joffrey Baratheon, sent the letter to her late brother Robb Stark asking him to vow his allegiance to the Lannisters. Little did she know, the family she was supposed to join would ultimately be responsible for the death of her father, Ned.
Flash forward to this week's episode, "Beyond the Wall," and we were greeted with an all-out drama fest. The scene began with the sisters standing in the same spot where their father used to overlook the yard, watching as his sons, and later Arya, would practice shooting arrows. She distinctly recalled her father clapping for her as she honed her skills. He wasn't angry, but proud.
"I was doing what I was meant to be doing, and he knew it," Arya said of her father, before pulling out the scroll from her pocked. "Now he’s dead. Killed by the Lannisters with your help."
After Arya read the letter in full, Sansa fired back that Arya "would never have survived what I had to survive," hinting at her two horrible marriages — one to Tyrion and the other to Ramsey Bolton — and how she had to learn at a young age to be ruthless, just like a Lannister.
Before things escalated much further, Sansa asked, "Do you know how happy Cersei would be if she saw us fighting?"
For a moment, it seemed that the fight was over. But later in the episode, Arya stumbled upon Sansa looking at the faces in her bag and went into ultra-threatening mode. After explaining how she became "No one," Arya picked up a knife and threatened to assume Sansa's identity by carving off her face. Though she gave the knife to Sansa and walked out of the room, it became clear that this feud was far from over.

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