Is The Demise Of Jon Snow Littlefinger's Actual End Game?

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There is so much to dread on Game of Thrones. Every single character has such a tenuous grip on life, and becoming too attached to any one of them is a sure sign that they're a goner. Which is why a new Reddit fan theory is having us preemptively reach for a giant box of tissues.
User self.gameofthrones posits this theory, and we hate it, and we know you will too: What if Littlefinger is plotting the end of Jon Snow? What if that fits into his end game of sitting atop of the Iron Throne, with Sansa at his side (ew)?
Let's work through this depressing theory together. We know that Littlefinger believes that "chaos is a ladder" and plays the game accordingly. When he told Sansa, "play every game in your mind" we were all similarly confused, but maybe that's because we weren't thinking big enough.
Littlefinger views everything that comes between him and the Iron Throne as a threat — which includes Arya and even Jon Snow. He is working to sow discord between the surviving Stark siblings: he attempted to curry favor with Bran by (who saw through his machinations with his Three-Eyed Raven powers) and now he's planted a scroll that will cause tension between Arya and Sansa.
With the remaining Starks in disarray, there will be no one around to protect Jon Snow's status as King in the North. The Northern lords already distrust him since he went to treat with Daenerys. His strongest allies are his siblings, and if each of them view each other as suspicious, Jon Snow is in trouble. Furthermore, this theory contends that Littlefinger has long deduced Jon's true parentage, as evidenced by him lurking around the crypts of Winterfell (there are many fan theories that state that evidence of Jon's parentage are down there at the tomb of his mother, Lyanna Stark). Perhaps Littlefinger is waiting until the most auspicious moment to reveal who Jon Snow really is — he wants to use this information to weaken Jon's alliances.
Bu does Littlefinger really want Jon dead? If Jon dies up North, we should consider that Jon Snow has already died once already. Melisandre happened to be hanging out at the Wall, which is the only reason that our favorite Northern sadboi is still living to brood another day. With the Red Woman having journeyed off to Volantis, there's only one person left in Westeros who can reliably work zombie resurrection magic: Thoros of Myr. If he doesn't survive next week's White Walker battle at Eastwatch, there will be no one left to revive a dead Jon Snow. And as Ramsey Bolton once said, "if you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."
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