One GIF Just Supported A Classic Game Of Thrones Theory

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Game of Thrones fan theories are often thrown around (we do a lot of the throwing), but many of them are never even hinted at let alone confirmed by the actual showrunners. That's why believers in an eerie theory about the Night King's identity are getting pumped about a subtle detail they witnessed on the show.
For those of us who aren't familiar with the long theory, I'll make it short and sweet: Bran Stark is the Night King.
We know Bran is the three-eyed raven, meaning he has the power to see events in the past and present. He can also warg and is touched by the Night King in one of his green sights, both of which are components to the theory, but not the focus. With all that power, he goes back in time to whisper to Aegon Targaryen, telling him to set fire to the White Walkers. That doesn't work, so he goes back again and builds the wall as Bran the Builder (casually establishing Winterfell and House Stark). Then, he goes back even farther, to the creation of the Night King. That time, he is stabbed in the heart by Dragonglass and becomes the Night King.
It's an insane and confusing theory, but it just might be true. The latest addition to it is Bran Stark's outfit from last night's episode.
It looks just like the outfit the Night King is wearing. The short sleeves and the draping skirt underneath are particularly telling. A similar taste in fashion might not say much except that the costume director thinks this is a lewk. But, if we want to give in to the theory, it could mean that Bran really is the Night King and preserves his affinity for Northerner attire.
Sadly, we don't know a lot about White Walkers or their illustrious leader, even if he is Bran Stark. If this theory ends up being false, let's at least hope that we'll learn something more about the mysterious creatures soon. The suspense is deadly.
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