Sephora Just Launched Its Own Reddit — & We Can't Stop Reading These Threads

There are two types of people in the world: those who don't know what a serum is and those who have two drawers full of glass jars, tubs, and bottles of them (and that's only one tenth of your entire skin-care routine). If you fall into the latter camp, then Sephora just launched an online feature that turns your beauty fandom into an interactive community. Think Reddit, but strictly for topics like how to erase acne scars.
The Beauty Insider Community is an extension of your Beauty Insider profile, with never-ending chat rooms and forums that we could get lost in for hours.
There are already 40 boards with 1,000 plus active users in each, discussing everything from Kat Von D's newest fragrances to product sneak-peeks that are about to drop at Sephora any minute.
There are several ways to interact with your fellow Beauty Insiders on the homepage, but one of the coolest is the gallery. Customers can post photos of their beauty looks with the steps of how they achieved that specific cat-eye or cut crease, links to the products available at Sephora, and a full review of each. If you ever wanted to be an Instagram makeup star, this is your chance.
Another feature includes the conversation boards where members can post random questions they need answered ASAP, like "How do I get perfectly winged eyeliner and have them both even?" (Ugh, we wish we could answer that.) Or, "Is it cool if I use the Foreo Luna 2 brush with my new GlamGlow Supercleanse?" (Eh, maybe not.)
According to WWD, additional features will be rolling out later this month, including real-time chats on product pages for users to ask live questions before hitting "add to cart." So if you're on the fence about that new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette, your new online BFF can likely help you out.
Sadly, the community option is only available for Beauty Insiders. Not an insider? Sign up some time in the month of September and you'll automatically receive 50 points. Not familiar with the process? Check out our guide to the loyalty program and our favorite rewards from this year. Now excuse us while we spy on the Perfume Posse group a little longer.
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