Kim Kardashian Plays Fact Or Fiction With Her Mommy-Shamers

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Kim Kardashian West is a mother and wife first, and business entrepreneur and reality star second. A decade into being one of the most famous women in the world, she is used to constant criticism and setbacks due to rumors and gossip about her family. But it sounds like the most intense and meanest feedback comes from an unlikely source: other moms.
"It's so crazy how quick people are to mommy-shame, when I am just learning it, too," Kardashian says in a new video titled "FACTS" on her personal website. Seated next to her assistant Stephanie Shepherd, she vents about how cruel other moms can be. The point of the video is for Kardashian to rattle off "fact" or "fiction" as Shepherd reads her a slew of headlines ranging from whether or not she had drugs in a Snapchat (she didn't) to whether or not North West really wore a corset (she didn't).
It's clear that the headlines about her (like the one alleging that she and Victoria Beckham are in a feud) don't really matter, but the ones about her kids do. "If anything, maybe people should be like 'Hey Kim, mom tip: Here is what you should be doing' not like 'Oh my god, let's attack her!'" she says to Shepherd about backlash following Saint sitting front-facing in the car (he is the right weight and height to sit like this, btw, she says). "If I was doing something wrong that wasn't completely approved by my doctor, then I would want someone to change it, and I would want someone to tell me 'Hey, that's not appropriate.'"
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Being a mom is hard, and celebrities may have a lot of help in the form of nannies, chefs, and assistants, but that doesn't mean they aren't afraid of making big mistakes when raising their kids. To be constantly criticized for the smallest (or even non-existent) mistakes sounds exhausting — and that's a fact.
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