This Guy Made A Valid — & Hilarious — Point About "Splurging" On Makeup

Stocking up on beauty essentials at Sephora can feel a lot like winning the lottery. There are foundations for every season, lipsticks in every color of the rainbow, and beauty sponges for every need and then some — but if you're not careful with your money, you'll be wishing for more than the right Powerball numbers. And one man understands this truth all too well.
In a short video posted to Facebook by KevOnStage, the comedian said what every makeup enthusiast already knows: $50 isn't always enough to fill your beauty fix. In the clip, KevOnStage argued against a tweet suggesting that a $50 splurge at Sephora or MAC is the perfect gift — and, judging by the 2 million views and 35,000 shares, it appears as though people agree.
Don't get us wrong: Giving your S.O. any amount of money for makeup is enough to earn you a “Partner Of The Year” award. But according to KevOnStage, it's the claim that $50 at Sephora or MAC qualifies as a splurge he disagrees with. “I can’t get the Naked Palette,” he said. “If I can’t get the palette, I can’t splurge.” To his point, MAC lipsticks are almost $20 each and many palettes at Sephora land right above the $50 mark, so his point is not totally moot.
The video hit home for so many people, that more than 9,000 Facebook users have taken to the comment section in support. “Splurge on what? Samples? You can get lip gloss and a hug for $50,” one person commented. Another wrote, “I saw someone tweet that there's a $50 cover charge just to get in Sephora. LOL.”
How does he suggest you spend the money instead? “You have to go to a drugstore if you want to spend $50: Walmart, Target, CVS. Get some dupes,” he offered. Seeing as how there are plenty of dupes out there that are just as good as the originals, we're going to go ahead and give him this one.
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