Chrissy Teigen Is Helping You Score A Free Big Mac Onesie

Photo: Courtesy of McDonald's.
Update: To celebrate its partnership with Uber's food delivery app, UberEATS, McDonald's is giving out free McDelivery merch with each McDonald's order through the app for 0ne day only (today). To further entice your need for a gratis french fry jogger set, the fast food chain has paired with renowned twitter celebrity and foodie, Chrissy Teigen, to promote said event. And we may never see a sentence that makes more sense than that in our life.
Exhibit A: Chrissy delivering McDelivery merch to a group of enthusiastic firemen.
Exhibit B: When asked about her favorite item from the collection, Chrissy responded without hesitation: "I’d say the breakfast sandwich hoodie because it also keeps your sandwich warm. There’s a pocket to hide them in and you can hide your hands in them. And I feel like hashbrowns don’t get enough love. Everyone loves saying how pretty the fries are but I love a hashbrown."
We sat down with Teigen (on a burger-printed picnic blanket, no less) to chat about her love affair with McDonald's and whether Luna or John has the better baby face.
We know you're a huge foodie, but how did pairing up with McDonald's come about?
“I think they saw on my social media that I had this Big Mac pajama set. I'm a huge foodie, but I'm also a huge McDonald’s fan. Honestly, I have been for a very long time. Some of my earliest memories are driving my dad to the airport in Seattle with my mom and it would be 5:30 in the morning. My dad thought I was getting in the car to say goodbye to him because he traveled so much for work, but it was really so I could get a sausage McMuffin with egg. So I did that every weekend. I’ve just always loved them. One of the first foods my mom had when coming to America was a fish filet. She’ll have it every once in awhile just to get that feeling again. It was her first bite of American food. I just love that because it’s so classic Americana for her to eat that. It makes me happy."
Do you have a 2 a.m. guilty go-to order?
"I am a quarter pounder with cheese person and sometimes, just a regular cheeseburger because they’re so lightweight. They also microwave well — 20 seconds covered, if you leave it in the paper. It’s like piping hot, almost dangerous. It’s definitely my favorite."
You and John are open homebodies, do you tend to order in more?
"I don’t leave the house much. Everyone makes fun of me because all of my snaps are from the same spot on the couch, like they start to realize all my paintings and my walls and they know what part of my couch I’m sitting on. I do a ton of food delivery because I feel like in L.A. you have to get really dolled up to leave the house, and I’m not down for that really anymore. So I do a ton of food delivery. It’s changed the game. I haven’t even gone to the grocery store in over a year. I do like going, it’s such a special treat to be able to go, but gosh, you can get anything online now. I don’t even know how people had kids before Amazon. I can’t imagine having to go to Babies "R" Us or whatever and getting everything. Now I can get a package of diapers in 15 minutes."
You're currently working on your second recipe book, if you could include any recreation of a McDonald's item, what would it be?
“If I could learn how to make the hot mustard, I’d be pretty happy. I love hot mustard with a chicken sandwich. Oh and the Big Mac sauce, for sure."
Has Luna experienced her first Happy Meal, yet?
"[Luna] hasn’t had a happy meal yet, but she loves fries. We were just in a McDonald’s yesterday and they’re doing minion toys now, and I remember being so excited by the toy and the little cardboard box. I can’t wait for her to get her first Happy Meal."
Speaking of Luna, the world has to know: Who has more of a baby face, Luna or John?
"That's hard. John actually has more of a baby face I think."
This story was originally published on July 20, 2017.
Just how fast can fast food get? Welcome to the future, where delivery apps have made drive-thrus seem slow and brand merchandise has become such a mainstay that even McDonalds is getting in on the action. On Wednesday, July 26, the chain will be launching an eight-piece collection that features some of your favorite Mickey D's items on sweatshirts, pool slides, picnic blankets, and the like — for their newly minted Global McDelivery Day. The creator of the renowned Big Mac has teamed up with UberEATS for what they're dubbing the "McDelivery Collection," for a one-day free delivery affair.
Like any good exclusive, there's a limited amount of supply and a catch for how to nab a McDonald's emblazoned piece. For those ready to shell out a few bills from your wallet, try again: the special promotion will apply for one-day only at participating UberEATS cities around the globe. For all of the Egg McMuffin and hash brown lovers out there, bless the beings who heard our rally to change breakfast to an all day affair since the promotion won't begin until 11AM local time. To find out if a participating McDonald's near you is included, you can scroll through
For each McDonald's order through the app, you will receive a randomly selected item from the collection. And while the McDelivery merch will be free, expect the standard UberEATS delivery fee to apply (someone still has to drive the car, guys).
Since pairing up with the UberEATS app, McDonalds has evolved further into the world of immediate delivery to quicker satisfy those fry cravings. As for UberEATS, now seems as a good a time to differentiate themselves even more. The food delivery competitor has quickly grown to cover over 100 cities in 27 different countries. "We are excited to bring McDonald's fans all over the world everything from fries to Big Macs and surprise them with a side of picnic blankets, pillowcases, and more at the push of a button with UberEATS," said an Uber spokesperson.
The only thing keeping you away from a pair of french fry adorned sweats are opening the UberEATS app and clicking on the banner that's set to pop up on the day of the promotion. For a drool-worthy exclusive look at the upcoming merch, click through the slideshow ahead.

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