Mandy Moore’s Birthday Wish To Her This Is Us TV Hubby Is The Sweetest

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
As half of one of TV's most adorable couples, Mandy Moore wished her on-screen husband Milo Ventimiglia a happy birthday. She shared this gorgeous photo and heartfelt message to her This Is Us costar on her Instagram, and it's truly too cute for words — as if the show itself wasn't enough of a tearjerker.
She calls her costar the "greatest TV husband (and let's be honest, greatest guy in general)." It's just one of many nice things she said about him on social media — in another post she praised him, writing "I stand in awe of this friend of mine. He is the ultimate partner in crime and he absolutely knocked it out of the park on every level in last night's finale. I am the luckiest."
The on-screen chemistry between Ventimiglia and Moore is honestly enviable, and it's so, so apparent in how they are staring at each other in this photograph. It's almost like we've caught them mid-swoon. For those that wish these two would just get it over with and bring the Pearson couple to the real world (well, apart from this adorable This Is Us-themed wedding), this post will keep the speculation going forever.
While their on-screen characters Jack and Rebecca Pearson are total couple goals, let's not look for evidence that Moore and Ventimiglia are a thing IRL. Yes, they star together on of the cheesiest shows on TV and are totally cheesy around each other in general. But Moore advocates against dating a coworker, and it looks like he's taking his own advice after dating Alexis Bledel, his Gilmore Girls costar. Their relationship extends as far as sending each other funny memes...for now.

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