Jack & Rebecca Are Total Couple Goals On This Is Us

Photo: Courtesy of NBC
What is it about television couples that tug at our heartstrings? Perhaps it's being able to watch a love story play out over multiple episodes — and, for those endgame 'ships, multiple seasons. NBC's tear-inducing drama This Is Us has a bit of a different trajectory for its ultimate love story. We don't witness Pearson parents Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca's (Mandy Moore) love story in a linear way. Instead, the series jumps back and forth across time. In some episodes, Jack and Rebecca are young and very much in love — we're talking tearful vow exchanges and steamy hookups in a bar bathroom (which, ultimately, lead to the birth of children Kate and Kevin.) In others? Well, they're going through the same trials and tribulations most long-term couples contend with.
Which is exactly why Jack and Rebecca are total couple goals. Sure, things don't always work out between these two: they don't always see eye to eye, and sometimes they royally eff up. But if Jack's speech during the season 1 finale tells us anything about this pair, it's that there is a lot of love between them... and a few bumps in the road simply can't break that. (And by bumps in the road, we mean a certain man named Ben. The season 1 finale better be the last time I see your face, buddy.)
Jack and Rebecca have the kind of real, true, honest love that everyone hopes to find. They don't have the perfect marriage, but they do have one where they fight for one another. While we don't know what season 2 will bring, I have faith that Jack and Rebecca can end their love story at the level it was in the pilot episode. No matter how many twists in the road there are, I know they'll find their way back to one another.
Now, check out this video and try not to sob:

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