Corinne Olympios Is Back On Instagram, Just In Time For The 4th Of July

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Ahoy! Corinne Olympios, highly-publicized star of The Bachelor, is back on social media. The Miami native shared a pic of herself captioned with a singular emoji. As Us Weekly notes, the post is her first in almost three weeks. Olympios is also back on Snapchat, posting a few selfies in honor of the Fourth of July. It's patriotic, really — she returned to the great American pastime of posting glamor shots on the internet on Independence Day. (America!)
After the spin-off Bachelor In Paradise called for a halt in production — resulting in a weeks-long media morass — Olympios went rather quiet on social media. This was out of the ordinary for the 24-year-old, who made the standard Bachelor Nation career transition into "social media influencer." (She sells tee-shirts that feature her various Bachelor-famous catchphrases such as, "I feel like napping" or "Dude I need sushi.")


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Given the confusion surrounding Bachelor In Paradise after the production shutdown (and still, for that matter, to this day), it wasn't all that surprising that Olympios went silent for the better part of the month. Though it's still unclear what happened on June 4, Olympios was very much involved, and has taken a fair amount of heat for her involvement. Many of the comments on her most recent Instagram deride her for either being a "slut" (for allegedly hooking up with several contestants on Bachelor In Paradise) or for being immoral (for accusing an innocejt man of sexual assault). After filming stopped, Olympios hired a lawyer and a publicist to investigate the incident, which reportedly involved a non consensual sexual act.
"Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place," Olympios said in a statement, adding that she was the "victim" in the situation. The lawyer she hired, Marty Singer, is one of the most high-profile lawyers in the nation.
Shortly after Warner Bros. declared that there had been no "misconduct" on June 4, the embattled reality star closed her own investigation. "My team’s investigation into this matter has now been completed to my satisfaction," Olympios said.
And so, it seems, life in Bachelor Nation is back to normal. The BIP party in Mexico is raging once more (that is to say, filming is back on), and Corinne Olympios is posting selfies on Twitter. America!
Photo: Snapchat/@colypmios.
Photo: Snapchat/@colypmios.
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