Everything We Actually Know To Be True About The BIP Scandal

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/Courtesy of ABC.
On Tuesday, Warner Bros. announced that they have concluded the investigation into the Bachelor In Paradise set incident that caused production to be shut down. According to Warner Bros., the internal investigation, which was conducted jointly with a law firm, found no evidence of misconduct or a cast member's safety being endangered. Shortly after, ABC announced that production on the series will resume and it will air later this summer, as planned. Warner Bros. noted that the tape will not be released — and we are unlikely to hear much more in the way of official statements from them or ABC.
The fact is we still only have a few solid facts about what happened; the rest is just talk. After nearly two weeks of conflicting secondhand reports, broad allegations, rumor-mongering, and missing details, here is a reminder of how little we actually know about what went down — and a rundown of the big lingering questions.
What We Know For Sure
- The investigation was initially prompted by a producer. The producer filed a complaint with Warner Bros. for on-set misconduct. As far as we know, no contestant filed a formal complaint with WB or ABC. This includes Corinne, despite the fact that she hired a top-notch lawyer and PR rep to help her handle the fallout, and referred to herself as the "victim" in the situation.
- DeMario was never specifically accused of anything. Though sources told publications including People that Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting Olympios and that consent was at the crux of the issue, this has not been confirmed by the parties involved. His lawyer maintains Jackson's complete innocence.
- Corinne doesn't remember much. "Although I have little memory of that night, something bad obviously took place," she said in her official statement.
What We Still Don't Know
- How much did both parties have to drink?
- Who witnessed the incident, and how many producers were there? Did any contestants see what happened?
- Did anyone attempt to deescalate or interfere with the situation? Why or why not?
- Was consent an issue?
- Did Jackson and Olympios have intercourse?
- Has Olympios recovered any of her memories from that evening?
- What does Jackson remember?
- Why was production immediately shut down if nothing went wrong?

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