Kendall Jenner Dropped The Biggest Hint About Kylie's Love Life & We Almost Missed It

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Kendall Jenner's Instagram is not generally where you go for breaking news in the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The jet-setting model who likes to be both in front of and behind the camera posts a lot of glamorous shots of her family and her supermodel friends, but she's usually pretty scandal free on social.
Even so, Jenner raised eyebrows online this week, and it wasn't even about her. It was about her sister Kylie and Kylie's much-talked-about relationship with Travis Scott. Neither Kylie nor the Kanye West collaborator has explicitly confirmed any romantic relationship between them on their own social accounts, but photos of them together appear more and more frequently elsewhere. Whether it is catching a basketball game in Scott's hometown of Houston, hanging on the set of DJ Khaled's new video, or getting matching tattoos, they spend a lot of time together. Now it seems, Scott is popping up in Kendall's Instagram feed.
The picture that Kendall posted is of herself sitting poolside. She's not alone in the photo. There is a man in the pool. He's covered with a towel. One commenter on her post jokingly asked Blanket, Michael Jackson's son, if it was him in the photo. Sorry, it wasn't.
The caption on Kendall's post is just the fire emoji, which doesn't help pull back the towel, but, for the Insta-experts amongst us, there is a subtle clue. Click on the mystery man in the pool, and you will see that Kendall tagged the person as "travisscott."
This is not a confirmation of any relationship between Kendall's sister Kylie and the man in the pool. Far from it. There are several options here. First, that might not even be Travis Scott in the pool. Second, if it is Scott, that doesn't really mean anything given that Kylie's not even in the picture. It could have even been a mistake. Like when Instagram suggests you tag that picture of a cheeseburger as your BFF.
All in all, a harmless photo with a wink to her followers and some fuel for the rumor mill. And over 2.5 million likes. So far.


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