This Is Exactly What Too Faced Looked Like In The '90s

Back in the mid-to-late 90s, I was too young to remember exactly the beauty world looked like, but I can only imagine it was magical. Brown lipstick, blue eyeshadow, scrunchies, and more blunt bombs than what we knew what to do with — the throwback trends are aplenty. But have you ever sat back and wondered what your favorite brands looked like when first hitting the market? We certainly have, and sometimes we get unexpected glimpses of the matter.
For example? Just last year, Urban Decay said goodbye to its Matte Revolution lipstick collection and replaced it with Vice. The brand took all of the existing shades (including some discontinued ones, some limited-edition selects, and some brand-new ones) and repackaged and reformulated them. What people might not know, however, is that the tubes looked eerily similar to the vintage packaging from UD's earlier years. Exciting! Now, Too Faced is getting in on the flashback action, and it's making us just as giddy.
Co-founder Jerrod Blandino posted an images to his Instagram account that was the ultimate beauty rewind. The subject of his blast from the past: the original Too Faced logo. He captioned the pic, "Where are my 90's girls at?!!!! Do you remember this version of ourToo Faced logo? A piece from our first tester units back in 1998. Our original logo I drew by hand starring our supermodel spokeswoman Envy. #memories #toofaced."
On a side note, I think I've finally just realized the meaning behind the Too Faced name (hello, Miss Envy). Blandino even shared another #TBT of the original Sun Bunny Bronzer, proving the brand has evolved a lot since then — without ever forgetting where it all began — and why we love it so much.
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