Why Keke Palmer "Wanted To Be Bald" Is Actually Super Relatable

Don't you dare limit Keke Palmer's legacy to her acting, dancing, singing, and gagging, because she's so much more than a quadruple threat. The beauty is constantly switching up her style and her glam — especially her hair — and inspiring us all to experiment in the process.
"As you can see from my track record, I love trying new things," Palmer exclusively tells Refinery29. "I love finding new versions of myself. It just makes me feel super inspired." Her latest look, a buzz cut she debuted last month, is no exception, and she's finally sharing the reason behind the big chop. Spoiler: It's actually pretty darn relatable.

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We've admired Palmer's many hairstyles: long waves, box braids, a bob, a pixie — the list is basically endless. But, if we had to choose our favorite look, it would be her shorter styles. After all, it takes a strong, confident boss babe to give up the security of her hair — something she first did in 2014 with a pixie. She brought that look back in her new music video for "Wind Up," then proceeded to outdo herself by shaving her entire head in May. Enter: her big chop.

I really want to be able to let my hair rest and become its own thing. I also really wanted to be bald!

Keke Palmer
"I cut my hair for a couple of reasons," Palmer told us. "The first being, I wanted to start over. My texture has changed quite a bit over the years from all the things I've done to it. I really want to be able to let my hair rest and become its own thing. I also really wanted to be bald!"

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Of course, doing her own thing is Palmer's specialty. Traditionally, big chops (an option that some choose while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, or to mend their damaged curl pattern) have been viewed as scary. (You're cutting off, like, 90% of your hair, for crying out loud!) However, Palmer promptly gave fear the middle finger and dyed her first cropped 'do pink...and switched up yet again only a few hours ago.
"I dyed it purple this morning and I'm really excited to see how I can assist in this change with my wardrobe!" she told us today. "For me, style is all about self-expression. I'm in a place in my life where I realized I don't have anything stopping me from expressing myself in any facet, and that makes me happy."
With her incomparable hair history, we can't help but wonder what else could possibly be up Palmer's sleeve. Turns out, we're not the only ones doing the guessing. "I'm nervous, because now that I've done this, I feel as if I'm running out of ideas!" she says. Famous last word, right? We can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
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