The Game Of Thrones Sex Scenes We Can't Unsee

There are a number of potential states of being one can experience while watching Game of Thrones. One is abject confusion upon realizing that the show's most important plot detail occurred before the HBO series even begins (see: Robert’s Rebellion). Another is a blend of nausea and admiration at the show’s abundance of creative deaths. But the most dreaded of all? When, while watching Game of Thrones with your parents, the camera shifts to a boudoir somewhere in King’s Landing, and you experience a cringe so powerful the living room shakes with tremors of embarrassment.
At its heart, Game of Thrones is an ambitious cable series — and that means it has a lot of sex. But there’s no show that matches both the sheer volume and diversity of Game of Thrones’ sexual pairings. Over six seasons, we’ve seen everything from orgies and twincest to coitus in caves.
That’s not to say that all the sex in Game of Thrones is entertaining. On this series, sex and violence are often too closely, and very controversially, intertwined. Game of Thrones' frequent depiction of rape has incited a dialogue about the necessity of including sexual violence on TV. In response, showrunners of Starz' American Gods and Hannibal have vowed to eliminate sexual assault from their shows.
So, keeping this in mind, this is our list of Game of Thrones' most unforgettable (and consensual) sex scenes.

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