The Hottest TV Sex Scenes

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Remember when TV couples slept in twin beds and everyone pretty much assumed that Little Ricky was the product of some immaculate conception? Remember when you could watch a show and not worry about a parent or nephew walking in on you? Remember when David Caruso's bare buns on NYPD Blue was as steamy as it got, which is to say, not steamy at all?
Now you don't even need cable to see your favorite TV characters doing the deed, though it certainly doesn't hurt. Viola Davis is pulling out her back. Merkin sales must fly through the roof when Outlander is filming. Frank and Claire Underwood are having threesomes and Remy Danton is a cunning linguist. Thanks to Broad City, "pegging" has entered the mainstream lexicon.
It's hard to play favorites, especially when so much of the good stuff isn't available on YouTube, but these small-screen sex scenes stand out from the rest. Was it good for you?
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Charles and Anna, The Tudors

When he's not being Superman, turns out Henry Cavill is a time-traveler. He played Charles in the Showtime show The Tudors, and in one scene, makes a bet with Henry (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) that he can seduce the Duke of Buckingham's daughter, Anna.
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Betty & Jughead, Riverdale
What starts as yet another conversation about whatever is going down on the Southside turns into a steamy couch hookup that ends with Betty saying she wants "all" of Jughead tonight.
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Nick & Offred, The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale takes place in a future in which sex is stripped of its association to love and passion. Instead, it's an act with only one motive: Impregnation. And it's always a rape — handmaids have to have sex with their commanders in a rigid ceremony. That's what makes this scene so remarkable. Nick and June come together in a way that people once could. With mutual satisfaction, and consent, and pleasure.
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Jamie and Claire, Outlander

We had to wait three seasons for a sex scene as good as Jamie and Claire's wedding scene to happen, but it happened. After 20 years apart, Claire and Jamie come together — and the stakes are high. As Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie, said in an exclusive video, "How do you come to terms with seeing someone who you thought was dead, that you gave your life and soul to — and there they are, standing in front of you?"
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Monica & Chandler, Friends

In Season 5 of Friends, the whole group finds out that Monica and Chandler are sleeping together, one by one.
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Nora & Kevin, The Leftovers

Nora and Kevin don't reach the mile high club, but they come close. In Season 3, Episode 4 of The Leftovers, they sneak into the airport bathroom for one last hurrah before Nora boards a plane to Melbourne.
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Jon & Daenerys, Game of Thrones

On Season 1 of Game of Thrones, audiences were shocked by Cersei and Jaime's incest. By Season 7, we're cheering for Jon to get it on with his aunt, Daenerys. And no: That's not Kit Harington's butt — we checked.
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Dexter & Hannah, Dexter

This scene starts how all of Dexter's kill routines do. Hannah is on his table, wrapped in plastic. But instead of plunging, he uses the knife to rip off the plastic and takes her right on the table.
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Charlotte & her vibrator, Sex and the City

Always an amazing friend, Miranda lets Charlotte give her Rabbit vibrator a whirl. Charlotte is rendered completely unable to leave the house as a result. In order to get her to rejoin society, Carrie and Miranda have to confiscate the Rabbit.
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Missandei & Grey Worm, Game of Thrones

After seasons of simmering sexual tension, Daenerys' right hand man and woman finally get together. Though Grey Worm is initially ashamed of his eunuch body, he bares himself at Missandei's urging. She says she wants to see "all of him."
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Adam and Rachel, UnREAL

After weeks of budding flirtation, the star of a dating TV show hooks up with a producer.
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Salim & the Djinn, American Gods

In the most explicit gay sex scene in TV history, a struggling Omani immigrant and a djinn with flaming red eyes have a sensual evening in a hotel room. Only in New York, am I right?
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Jane & Fabian, Jane the Virgin

Jane may have been a virgin when the show started, but she’s ready for some NSA action now.
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Ezra & Aria, Pretty Little Liars

This controversial couple argue and then get between the sheets in a flash forward on the show.
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Jane & Oscar, Blindspot

When a first kiss leads to first time sex, the chemistry is tight.
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Rachel & Josh, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Have you ever had someone sing to you while you make love? It sounds horrible, but the way Rachel and Josh do it is pretty great.
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Alice & Ben, The Catch

The sweetest taboo is the man you know is bad for you — if you're Alice.
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Ghost & Angela, Power

These two take it into the studio and elevate the meaning behind the sexual power struggle in the hottest, rawest scene imaginable.
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Eleanor & Jasper, The Royals

Somehow there has been no delayed gratification in Eleanor and Jasper's relationship, and yet all their gratification is constantly delayed. It's hard to be royal.
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Jason & Eric, True Blood

Sure, this entire sex scene is a dream, and a byproduct of Jason's hungering for Eric Northman's vampire blood. But trust us: The unreality of this scene does not take away from the hotness of it.
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Alex & Piper, Orange Is The New Black

When these two reunited, it was ON.
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Adam & Jessa, Girls

Ask not if Adam and Jessa should be a couple. Ask instead how hot is their sex?
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Elizabeth & Phillip, The Americans

For the first several seasons of the series, this married pair of spies have a business relationship. When Elizabeth finally opens up, they have the best sex of their married lives.
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David & Syd, Legion

Answering the age old question: how do you have sex with someone who can't be touched?
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Dean & Anna, Supernatural
Supernatural generally foregoes hot sex for slaying evil in its various forms, but the Dean and Anna the angel relationship was one sexy sex bomb (sorry to the Destiel shippers).
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Celeste & Perry, Big Little Lies

We're not sure if "hottest" is the correct adjective to describe Celeste (Nicole Kidman and Perry's (Alexander Skarsgard) tumultuous, violent pairing. Their intense passion culminates in gymnastic kitchen counter sex, but any sexiness is underscored by Perry's temper and thirst for control. Through scenes like this, Big Little Lies is doing important work in depicting the complexities of an abusive marriage.
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April & Jackson, Grey's Anatomy
This couple have given us some of the show's greatest fights but did you know they also shared one of the hottest sex scenes — and in a bathroom, to boot!
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Fiona & Steve, Shameless
Extra credit goes to the foley artist, who timed the subtle clanging of pots, pans, and drawer-slamming perfectly to Fiona and Steve's first romp in the kitchen.
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Barbara & Renee, Gotham
Hidden love tends to have an extra long shelf life.
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Alison & Noah, The Affair
Ah, remember the season one heyday of The Affair when Alison and Noah were gleefully and (nearly) guiltlessly doing it just everywhere?
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Maeve & Hector, Westworld
Who knew that two robots having sex could look so lifelike?
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Clarke & Lexa, The 100
Their love is forbidden, thanks to a grudge between their people, but it's also the only thing holding two civilizations together.
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Abraham & Rosita, The Walking Dead
If sex gets hotter when someone else watches, Abraham and Rosita were having very, very hot sex.
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Carrie & Big, Sex and the City
When Carrie and Big started the affair that destroyed both of their relationships, it was one of the steamiest moments of their relationship.
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Cordelia & Hank, American Horror Story: Coven
Their relationship might have turned out to be, um, toxic, but Cordelia and Hank did have some hot ritual sex before it all fell apart.
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Rayna & Deacon, Nashville
They get together and break up with enough frequency (and velocity) to break your neck, but when they do come together it's a powerful physical connection.
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Damon & Elena, The Vampire Diaries
There were a lot of couples in this show, but Damon and Elena were always the hottest...and the most star-crossed.
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The Fall
When Stella gets her groove on in The Fall, it is always hot.
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When a group of people around the world find themselves mentally linked, "group sex" takes on a completely different meaning.
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Jessica Jones & Luke Cage, Jessica Jones
When two superheroes get carnal, everything around them gets destroyed. It's supersex.
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Hank & Abby, Californication
Call it tit for tat: after Abby gets Hank off his jail sentence, Hank gets Abby off.
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Don & Rachel, Mad Men
Don Draper had a lot of affairs, but his love for married store owner Rachel Katz was the hottest, deepest, and realest relationship he seemed to get into.
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Buffy & Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Imagine if your love literally made the world crumble around you.
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Lip & Helene, Shameless
Lip's forbidden affair with his older female professor created some of his hottest scenes on the series to date -- in part because he finally got emotionally invested in his sex life.
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Rachel & Mike, Suits
Only when Rachel finally learns Mike's big secret and the truth is out can they give into their intense feelings for each other in the file room.
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Henry & Casey, Party Down
The sexual tension between these two finally came to a head when Casey told Henry she was getting a divorce.
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Poldark & Demeiza, Poldark
Demeiza goes from house maid to future wife in one very seductive twirl of the dress.
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Ragnar, Lagertha, & Athelstan, Vikings
When two godless heathens try to tempt a priest into their bed, this is what happens.
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Bill & Sookie & Eric, True Blood
Whether you were Team Bill or Team Eric, we has to admit that this dream sequence brought us the best of all worlds.
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Alex & Ryan, Quantico
On fire chemistry. Is it getting hot in here?
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Jake & Amanda, Melrose Place
They fight, they make up, wash, rinse and repeat -- that is the formula for hot sex on a nighttime soap.
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Mary & Francis, Reign
It took a long time, as was the custom for the time period, but when Francis and Mary finally consummated their marriage it was magical.
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Jimmy & Gretchen, You're the Worst
If you ever wonder what keeps Jimmy and Gretchen together, it's their amazing sex life.
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Tommy & Grace, Peaky Blinders
He's a bad man and she's a spy, but when they finally come together it's worth crossing enemy lines.
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Mary Jane & Andre, Being Mary Jane
The hotness just jumps off these two whenever they're together, and they get together in some really sexy spots.
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Buffy & Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Anticipation is the key to Buffy and Angel's love, but when they finally do connect physically, it turns sour — quickly. But goodness, all the time we spent waiting for that moment to come!
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Karen's Fantasy Threesome, Mistresses
It's very, very difficult to lead a group marriage counseling session when all you can think about is the hot threesome you'd rather be in.
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Eddie & Sarah, The Path
This is what hot, married sex looks like. Eddie and Sarah are constantly negotiating their differences, but they often resolve their problems with amazing sex. Frequently in the kitchen.

Pictured: Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan in The Path.
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Ali & Emily, Pretty Little Liars
Emison is born with one hot kiss under the covers, while a longing version of "I'll Be Watching You" plays in the background — sexy and mysterious.
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Jessica Jones & Luke Cage, Jessica Jones
When two superheroes get carnal, everything around them gets destroyed. It's super sex.
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Danny & Alex, London Spy
Ben Whishaw and Edward Holcroft steam up the screens in this British spy drama. The scene drew some viewer complaints, but they weren't from us.
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Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl
This limo scene started one of the greatest relationships of our time. #Chair forever.
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Jon Snow & Ygritte, Game of Thrones
It turns out Jon Snow does know something.

Pictured: Kit Harington and Rose Leslie in Game of Thrones
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Kate & Sawyer, Lost
It's animalistic and hot, except you can't help but wonder how Kate's armpits are still hairless when she's been imprisoned on a deserted island for so long.
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Connor & Paxton, How To Get Away With Murder
"He did this thing to my ass that made my eyes water," Pax said after their copy room hookup.
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Nicky & Morello, Orange Is the New Black
In which Nicky makes Morello see God.

Pictured: Natasha Lyonne and Yael Stone in Orange Is the New Black
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Libby & Robert, Masters of Sex
One second, they're discussing the roles to which society confines them, the next, they’re making rapturous love on the kitchen floor.

Pictured: Caitlin Fitzgerald and Jocko Sims in Masters of Sex
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Olivia & Fitz, Scandal
Let's be honest: There were a lot of scenes to showcase from Scandal, because Olivia and Fitz's chemistry is off the charts. There was that time on the campaign trail, "If you want me, earn me," and the cabin in Vermont. We're choosing the phone sex, though, because how often do you witness truly hot phone sex on TV?
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Alisha & Future Simon, Misfits
Do Brits do TV sex better? A very important case study.
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Kalinda & Lana, The Good Wife
Kalinda employs a creative manipulation technique here. Alas, the uncooperative Lana is left with some proverbial blue balls.
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Sons of Anarchy, "Fucktage"
Almost every member of the SAMCRO gang is getting it on in the explicit opening montage of an episode called "Faith and Despondency." Also note Wendy engaging in some battery-operated self-loving.

Pictured: Charlie Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy
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Marnie & Desi, Girls
It's nice to see Marnie trying new things.

Pictured: Ebon Moss-Bachrach and Allison Williams in Girls
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Charlotte & Harry, Sex and the City
She can't believe he'd find her sexy in her glasses. The bachelor pad in which he's squatting is repulsive. Neither of things matter because it's on.
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Jamie & Claire, Outlander
She’s conflicted because of her overwhelming attraction to the young Scot and the fact that she’s technically married to someone else in the 20th century. He’s nervous because he’s a virgin. They figure it out in no time flat on their wedding night.
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