21 Actors Who Did Full-Frontal Nude Scenes — & Why

Designed by Seung Won Chun.
As Chris Pine has very Chris-ly pointed out during the press tour leading up to the release of Netflix’s Outlaw King, there is still a major double standard when it comes to nudity on screen: Show a woman’s breasts, and no one will bat an eyelash; but if there’s a penis involved — watch out!
The actor bares it all for less than three seconds as Robert the Bruce in David Mackenzie’s epic about the Scottish Wars for Independence, and yet that fleeting moment has dominated the conversation around the film. Chris! Pine! Peen! Chris Peen!
Still, it’s worth delving a little deeper into why we care so much. Part of the reason male full frontal gets so much attention is because it’s so rare, especially for A-list actors. Men rarely rarely get asked to show the full monty. It’s seen as extreme, something that will earn the film an extra strict rating from the MPAA. Where a naked woman might earn an R, a naked man might be considered NC-17 — as with Steve McQueen’s 2012 movie Shame, which showed Michael Fassbender’s character walking around his apartment naked.
And then there’s also the fact that it’s Chris Pine. A Hollywood Chris, member of the most wholesome, affable, universally loved tribe in Hollywood! Naked!
Still, he’s not the first dude to strip for posterity. Ahead, we rounded up some of the most memorable full-frontal scenes by male actors — and why they decided to do it.

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