Hailey Baldwin Figured Out The Secret To Getting Tattooed Without Pissing Off Your Parents

Sometimes we to forget how young our favorite celebrities are. Most are over the age of 18, but that doesn't mean they're free from parental restrictions. For example, Hailey Baldwin is just 20, and though she’s a famous model who travels the world with her supermodel squad, she still feels the pressure from mom and dad. So when she got her first tattoo, she had to get clever.
Because, for the most part, parents and ink just don't go together. (Raise your hand if you've heard "why would you ruin your beautiful body?" when broaching the subject.) On her Instagram story last night, Baldwin posted the real reason behind her very first tattoo, and it's kind of genius. “This is my first tat. 1 of 17... it's my parents wedding date, figured they’d be less mad if it was an ode to them," she writes.
Photo: @haileybaldwin/Instagram
Are we the only ones just now realizing how many tattoos Baldwin actually has? We know she's a JonBoy frequenter (the NYC-based tattoo artist has worked with everyone in Hollywood) and rocks a few matching tattoos with her BFFs, but 17 in total is an epic collection.
So, the moral of the story is if you're yearning for some ink, but don't want to majorly piss off the people who brought you into the world, consider dedicating a piece to them. After all, who can be mad about a lasting tribute for long?
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