The Internet Needs To Know What Happened To Copper's Leg

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The competition is heating up on The Bachelorette, but the contestants aren't what people are talking about from this week's episode. Last night, we saw Rachel Lindsay's dog, Copper, in a cast — and fans are dying to know what caused the poor pup's injury.
Copper's one-legged running is almost too sad to watch. But if Monday's episode is any indication, we might not find out what exactly happened to him, at least not on the show. When Peter asks Rachel what happened to Copper's leg, the Bachelorette gave him a cryptic answer. "That's another story. We can talk about it inside," she told him of the dog's leg.
Excuse me, Rachel, but that answer is not going to cut it! What tragic fate befell this sweet creature? Just look at his limp — what forced him into this predicament?
Lindsay herself tweeted an answer after the episode aired, though she didn't provide many details. "Inquiring minds want to know what happened to Copper...he broke his toe jumping off something," she wrote in the tweet. But what was the "something" in question?
Plenty of fans, including Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant, tweeted their distress about Copper's fate. The actress used all-caps on her tweet to emphasize her emotional state.
Fans are clearly smitten with the adorable pooch and his limp. According to data from Twitter, Copper was the third-most tweeted about "contestant" from last night's Bachelorette episode, only falling behind actual contestants DeMario and Peter.
And the fans who weren't tweeting about Copper's leg had a different idea in mind. The very good boy is perfect for the next season of The Bachelor.
Meanwhile, some fans already have a favorite among the show's human contestants — and it looks like Copper helped them choose.
As Rachel explains in the episode voiceover, "Copper's my dog child. He's not just my best friend. He's also my baby." So she's probably even more upset than we are about Copper's injury.
There are a few Copper conspiracy theories going around, though they're almost assuredly not true.
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