Monet & van Gogh Lovers, This Nail Art Trend Is For You

Nail art can always blow our minds. The amazing creations that nail devotees come up with leave us forever stunned. There's holographic unicorn French manis, literal weed nails, and functional snow globe tips. But this watercolor nail trend is definitely on the more chill side, and it's also super DIYable. Definitely meant for those of us who get nail polish on our earlobes while painting them (how does the polish even end up there)? If you can draw a smiley face, you can totally do watercolor nail painting at home.
It's so easy, we're surprised we didn't think of it before. You'll need some tiny brushes, a small dish of water, a piece of sketchbook paper, and a box of colored pencil crayons.
First, begin with a bright white base. You can use either a regular white nail polish, or white gel polish, as long as the surface is white, and preferably matte, so it looks like a real painting canvas. This will allow the sheer colors to come through easier. Pick the colored pencil crayons you'd like to use to make your artists' palette. Use the pencils to color out blobs on the sketch paper. Wet the tip of your brush and smush it into the colored blobs, just the way you'd do with real watercolors. The water will dissolve the pencil crayons and allow the brush to pick up the colors, allowing you paint whatever designs you want on your nails. The thinnest brushes will offer you the most control.
In this video, the nail tech is showing us how to paint flowers, which reminds us of stuff by great Impressionist artists like Monet and van Gogh. Honestly, though, you can paint anything: constellations, sushi, and abstract ombre looks for those of us with less steady hands. Just be sure to seal up your artistic masterpiece with a tough-as-nails clear topcoat.
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